Saturday, February 01, 2003

I really hope something turns for the good with the shuttle. You kind of have to wonder about terrorism (I think it was just old), and if it were that, how bad it's going to be for the U.S.. It's a scary thought.
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Friday, January 31, 2003

In Fall 2003 I'm going to be staying in the dorms. However, in order to apply for the dorms I need a $300 deposit. I don't have $300, and I really want to register early so that I can get put into the decent dorms. It would be sooo great if a few people donated. $1, $5, anything would help! Also, if you donated, you will get a lifetime link on my site, and if you don't have a site, we'll figure something out. So PLEASE help me!
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Thursday, January 30, 2003
My second interview went bad. Not bad, but I was really uncomfortable. I had to take a personality test and most of the questions were about lying and stealing, and that was weird. After I finished the test she told me to just interact with the customers for about 45 minutes. The whole time I was there aboutu 10 people came into the store. When someone came in I said hello and how are you, and if they were in there for about 5 minutes I asked if they needed anything. I felt worthless because I didn't really do a whole lot of anything. I couldn't help it though, it's not like they were busy. Oh well, if I don't get the job I'll just look somewhere else again.

Thanks :)
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Tuesday, January 28, 2003
Sooo... I'm going to my second interview today. I'm a little nervous because I have to actually interact with the customers, and I'm not really sure what I'm suppsed to do. I don't know where anything is in the store right now, so I can't show them anything, I don't know how the work their cash register, so I can't help them purchase their items. I think I'm supposed to just stand there and greet people as they walk in and leave. That sounds kind of hard, especially when you have to do it for 30 minutes, and you're being observed! I'll do the best I can though because this job is really important to me. Wish me luck!

Also, to the person mentioned in the 1/14/03 entry, I know you're still coming here and it's kind of funny because I don't think you realize I was talking about you. I just wanted to say that it's great you're getting a jump start on your false stories. It would do you well in journalism. Ta-ta!
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Friday, January 24, 2003
I went to my job interview yesterday. The manager was really nice, and seemed to like me..whee! However, on Tuesday at 3:30 I have to go in for a second interview to take a personality test, and she's then going to put me on the floor (meaning work) to see how well I am with the customers. I think I have this job in the bag. But I'm not getting my hopes up this time. If it doesn't work out that's okay because I know there's a reason for everything, and that job just wouldn't be the right one for me. I think a bad sign happened though. When I was getting out of my car to go in for the interview, I knocked someone else's car with my door. Now, this wouldn't have been so bad is no one was in it, but the woman who owned it was. I was like, oh NO! I apoligized to her, and said there was no damage, which there wasn't, it's not like I hit at 40mph. I was still really embarassed and felt like a total idiot.

Anyone who lives in the US knows how cold its been lately. A few days ago we were around 70, and now it's like 28. A huge difference! To top that off, I had to walk a long way to get to one of my classes on Tues. and Thurs. on both days the professor cancelled the class, I was so upset because it was absolutely freezing outside and I had walked all that way for nothing. Grr! It's okay though, it's supposed to be warmer next week!
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