For most of my life I've been on the chubby side. When I was 13 I weighed 145 lbs. How I lost that weight is beyond me. All I know, is that one summer I got really depressed, and I didn't eat as much as I usually do. Also, when I was 14, I got mono, and lost more weight. At 18 I currently weigh 120 lbs., I am 5'2". I don't consider myself overweight, but in physicians eyes I am. My body composition is about 24-27% fat. I think that's over half of the average woman's body fat.

Part of my inspiration in doing this is a girl named Dawn. I have known of Dawn for probably 4 years. I remember seeing her in a chat room that we both frequented and I visited her website quite often. Recently I have visited her site and found a section about losing weight. During the past year Dawn has lost 50+ lbs and looks fantastic. I recenly saw her on the FIRM infomercial, which I though was amazing since I thought those videos never worked. I guess I was wrong. Looking at Dawn's progress has helped me realize that with discipline I can reach my goal.

I don't want to lose weight. I want to minimize my fatty deposits in my stomach, arms, and legs. I also want to firm up. Currently I am taking an aerobics class. I work out twice a week for 40 minutes. Along with that I work out on cardiovascular machines for 20 minutes a day, twice a week. In the future, I hope to purchase the FIRM workouts and see how things work out.

I also have to stress about diet. Dawn didn't lose all of that weight by just working out. She also followed a strict diet. Hopefully, I will start to cut down on a lot of the fatty foods that I eat, and start to eat healthier.

Yikes! I've gained 3 lbs. in 2 months! It's okay though, I've stopped my aerobics class, and it's winter so I've been inside and eating more. Plus, who couldn't use a little extra fat during those cold days! I PROMISE that when it starts to get warmer I'm going to start running. I really, really want to firm up.

Fitness Assessment

SEPTEMBER 28, 2002
Weight: 121
Measurements later

OCTOBER 07, 2002
Weight: 120
Waist: 32.5
Thigh: 20.5
Arm: 10

OCTOBER 25, 2002
Weight: 117

NOVEMBER 18, 2002
Weight: 119
Waist: 31.5
Thigh: 20.5
Arm: 9.75

JANUARY 24, 2003
Weight: 122