Almost all of my life I have lived in a small town. I remember that everytime I went on a vacation I would always come home, and wish I didn't live there. In my eyes, my hometown was awful. There was absolutely nothing to do or nowhere to go. I was at least an hour from anything fun. Also, during the fall, tourists always came up to look at the leaves. It always made me so mad when people flocked up here. I always asked myself, "Why does everyone love it here?" Well now I know the answer. Before I left for Georgia Southern, I told everyone I knew that I wouldn't be back until the next holiday, and that I didn't want to see Rabun Co. again. Well guess what? I was back home the next weekend. Out of the past five weeks, I have been home twice, and I plan to go back this weekend. It's not that I miss all of my friends, or family. I just miss being home. Georgia Southern is in a low lying area with nothing but pine trees and cotton fields. My hometown is in the mountains, and I'm surrounded by a wide variety of plants and wildlife, plus, it's where I grew up, and it's where I belong. Who knows, maybe next week I'll be tired of home, or maybe when I graduate I'll move back and settle down there. For the time being I'm going to take it a day at a time. Just remember, college may be a way for you to be independent, but when you're down to the nitty gritty, you'll regret taking advantage of the time you spent at home.