Friday, October 04, 2002
It's Friday. I thought maybe I would go home today and relax. However, I know the $38 that I do have will not get me very far. So I'm going to stay here. The bad thing is that it's Homecoming weekend. There are going to be a million and one people here. I might as well stock up on what I need so I don't have to leave the apartment.

When I told Scott I wasn't going home he about freaked out. It's almost like he wants me to go. I've been trying to explain to him that if I do, we will not have enough money to eat. He thinks we'll be okay, and he thinks he'll be okay while I'm gone. I know better.

I finally have an A in Environmental Biology. I made an 86 on my last test, and every time we attend class we have the option on turning in a homework worth 1 point extra. I think I have about 10 points now, which is the only reason why I have an A. I know the 83 I made on my test didn't help. I also made a B on my Engilsh paper. The grade blew my mind because it was the easiest paper in the world. In my senior english class I did research papers, in college I'm doing personal narratives. Big difference.

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Tuesday, October 01, 2002
I think I am losing my mind. All of a sudden every problem in the world has crashed upon me. Rent was a problem, I have it taken care of. Now there's cable. They sent the bill a day before it was due. I have $56.23 in my bank account. The bill is $44.56. I'm not paying that right now. They can kiss my ass. The sherriff's office where Scott and I used to live (and where he worked) has been calling and leaving messages on the answering machine saying if he doesn't call them he'll be arrested. Now what am I supposed to make of that?, money, money.
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