September 24, 2002

Oh man, I feel awful today. My first time away from home, and I get a cold. I seriously feel like I am going to die. I hate to complain, but now that no one is here to take of me (my mommy), my symptoms are like five times worse. After sleeping all day today, I'm up for another round.

As of right now, I don't have a job, and I need to get one. Before Scott and I moved down here, our plan was for him to work and I was going to study. It's taken him almost six weeks to find a decent job. It's a fence company and it's in Savannah, 50 miles away. It does pay $10 an hour for a starting salary, which is great. Right now, he's working at Domino's Pizza. When he filled out the application, the hourly wage said $10-$13 an hour. His check for two weeks was for $245. I am pissed. Our rent is due on the 1st and right now we barely have enough to get by. My bank account has $145, he gave me $200 out of his check for rent. I'm starting to panic. I don't know how much money we're going to end up with right now. I hope his new jobs works out. I really do.