Looking at my birthdate, I realize I'm not as young as I used to be. I hated giving out my birth year. It made me feel like a child, and I felt when people actually knew my age, they seemed more inferior.

Hi. My name is Nae. It's not my common name, but it is a shortened form of it. I am eighteen years old, and I'm finally on my own. I attend Georgia Southern University where I am a freshman. I was raised in a small town, and blah blah.

I guess you could say I'm your average American girl. I'm short, not skinny, not fat, but healthy (as my professor puts it). I have green eyes, and brown hair. Pretty normal I would say. I do however, lack on the physical side. I need to workout, but I always find myself making an excuse to do something else. Damn those dishes I need to wash.

During my Senior year of high school, I started to participate in beauty pageants. At first I was totally not into it, but as you progress into more levels of competition, it becomes a wonderful thing do. It has greatly developed my social skills, public speaking skills, and I finally know how to walk without slouching. Go me. I always place in top three, but I have yet to receive a crown.

I'm not bipolar, or suicidal, so I will not be writing about that. I do however, experience PMDD (bad PMS) and anxiety attacks (which are all under control). I'm not going to waste my time telling you how horrible my life is. Because it's not.

I have been raised under a one parent household. My dad really only acknowledges me when his wife is around, or when he's in public. I do say that it's his loss because he is, and will be, missing out on great things (for instance, when I'm a doctor and rich, and when he's old, I will not be taking care of him).

I love my mother, even though we have had a few falling outs. Her ex-finance left her for another woman the week after I entered college. So, I find myself making my way back home every two weeks to help her out. I honestly could say that I miss her, and wish I lived closer to home.

I am an only child, so that practically makes me spoiled. I refuse to live in a dorm with other people, so I have my own apartment.

I'm a fan of: Collective Soul, The Simpsons, Strawberry/Banana, & Moulin Rouge.

My life in a nutshell: I'm very outgoing, and I love making friends as long as they're not complete idiots. I sleep and eat too much, and TV is very interesting when you have a million other things you should be doing. I try to be considerate of others, but right now I want to kick my neighbor's asses. I get emotional very easily, especially when firemen stand in the middle of an intersection and ask for donations. I found myself slipping a twenty dollar bill in their boot. I have my life under control right now, and I am very happy with the decisions I have made. Oh yeah, and I love being an American.