VO5 Straight Hair & Sebastian Potion 9
I put these two items together because they are my life savers. All of my life I've had thick, frizzy, and unmanagable hair. A few years ago my stylist recommended Sebastian's Potion 9 (only sold in salons and specialty stores). This product repairs your damaged hair, while at the same time keeping it tamed and managable. Without this product I would probably be a cotton ball head.

VO5's Straight Hair is also a wonderful product if you're on a budget. You can get it at any Wal-Mart, CVS, etc. I first used this product when I had a perm. I wanted to straighten my hair everyday so I bought the product. Now that my perm is gone, I use it on my straight hair. It does exactly what the package says: straightens, smooths, and shines. The Potion 9 leaves a little residue, but the VO5 leaves hair completely light and residue free. Both of these products are perfect for people with damaged and thick hair.

My first bad product is the Noxzema razor for girls. Before buying this product I had a Venus, which is absolutely wonderful, and I still think so to this day. Anyway, I thought that the Noxzema razor was really cute, came in a neat case, and was portable. I whipped the baby out for a try, and was very dissappointed. The handle of the razor is very short and narrow, making grip difficult, especially in the shower. Also, the release button for the actual blade is right where you would place your index finger, on the head. Every time I moved my finger, the blade popped out. After about a month of use, I went back to my Venus, and have been happy ever since. The Noxzema razor is a bad, bad thing.