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This website is primarily uesd for keeping a journal. It's also used to let other students know exactly how college life is, and what they should expect. I know that when I first started here at Georgia Southern, I didn't know the first thing to do. I want to try to ease people's minds.

A little background information: I am attending Georgia Southern University in southern Georgia as a Pre-Nursing student Public Relations student. I live off campus in a one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend of two years. I am five hours from home. I can't just go and come back in a day. I miss where I used to live. My first few experiences at Southern were horrible, and those experiences will be in the journal.

I am trying to achieve a four year degree, which will take 8 semesters, or 125 semester hours. For Fall 2002 I am taking 14 hours. My classes have given me a pretty managable load. I am currently taking: Aerobics, Environmental Biology, and Env. Bio Lab, English Composition, Health, Economics, and GSU Orientation. For Spring 2003 I am taking 16 hours. I currently have US History, General Biology, Astronomy, General Biology Lab, Psychology, and Religious Studies. All are between 8 & 3, except for one, and I get out at 12:15 on Friday..yay!

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