September 27, 2002

During the past few weeks I've encountered a little problem with my Economics class. When I enrolled I thought it was going to be fairly easy. I was wrong! That class is like taking Japanese. I had NO idea as to what I was doing. Finally, after a few hours of studying, I understood a little bit about what was going on. Just a little bit. Luckily, my uncle used to be an Economics teacher, so I had him explain a few things to me when I went home last weekend. Well, I took my test and I got a B! I was about to freak out, I thought my days in that class were over. Luckily, I do understand, so I'm now staying in the class.

I also had another Envio. Biology exam yesterday. I think I did fairly well considering I didn't know what I was studying, and I had only studied the night before. I knew just about every answer except for a few. I found out I need to make a 94 on the exam to make an A in the class. Hopefully I made it. If not, I do have 2 more exams to take to raise the grade up.

Monday is my last day of Orientation. Yay. Tuesday I'm changing my major to Public Relations with an emphasis in Event Planning, and that's about it.

This weekend is a time for me to relax. Wooooo!