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Our after dinner conversation covered many things, one of which was how he had perfected the technique for making girls gush or squirt. Elle and Jay joked that his technique was so accurate that they needed to get mattress protectors.

I didn’t read anything more into it as the whole evening rolled into one long dirty conversation. I explained it had happened to me before but it just felt like their cocks were just right for hitting that spot. It was so infrequent I didn’t need worry about the state of anyone’s bed sheets.

Once we had moved into the bedroom and after this happened I was naked and I had forgotten all about it.

I can’t remember how it started, he just positioned me laying back on the bed. He moved my legs and made sure his arm was at the right angle. I realised what he was going for when he started moving his fingers inside me, suddenly that conversation came back. I wanted to squirm away. I didn’t think he would achieve it, mainly because I didn’t get a chance to.

I was moaning as he pumped his fingers inside me. My abdomen was taught and my fingers gripped the sheets. It was uncontrollable and I remember worrying about my sex face for a moment before something else grasped my attention.

Whatever he was doing, it was so perfect I didn’t even feel it coming. It hit me like a wall. I couldn’t hear anything over my own strained panting and yelping. I felt the sheets become sodden underneath me. The sound of his hand slapping against my skin became sloppier. I was laying there thinking I can’t believe he has just done it. Just like that. As if it was the easiest thing for my body to do. He pulled out his fingers and smeared it across my face. He dipped his fingers back inside my still tense pussy then put them in my mouth.

It tasted sweet. I relaxed. In the back of my mind there is still a little voice that says this feels like pissing. But it isn’t. The texture is light and slippery tastes sweet like warm sugar water.

I caught my breath a bit and I shook my head and tried to move out of my own puddle. He pressed me back in place with a cold determined look on his face. He didn’t respond to the pleading in my eyes. He returned his fingers to my cunt.

What, again? Yes again. And again. And again. The fluid started leaving my pussy with more force. His fingers pumping inside me creating more pressure meant I was literally showering myself.

I could feel it running down the sides of my waist and pooling on my chest. My legs were drenched and my arse was sticking to the cold wet sheets.

The more I flooded all over myself the more I couldn’t control it. I couldn’t have held it in if I tried. I was laying in a massive wet spot of my own creating. I felt sorry for making such a mess. Something in my head was saying how can he do this where many haven’t. Where does it all come from, there is so much. I was coated. My skin was shining. My stomach muscles were aching. How is this happening? My mind was all over the place but still I laid there while he did it again and again.

An image of Alice in wonderland popped into my head, how she cried a sea of tears…

I think I started saying no more no more at some point. Which was ignored at first.

He pulled me up onto my knees. Elle had quietly watched the whole thing, I couldn’t look at her face. I didn’t know why I was so embarrassed, but I hid.

‘Look at what a mess you have made on our bed sheets. They’re soaked.’

He forced my face onto the bed like you would a naughty animal in its own mess. He held my head and rubbed my face in it. I felt ashamed. It felt dirty. It felt good. It only made me wetter.

He did it again later. I didn’t think I would have any more in me. In the end I had to say stop because I was feeling so sensitive inside from all the pummeling. But he didn’t stop, not until I had managed to squirt myself in the face.