About me

I don’t know how I got lost, or when. I don’t know how to get back, or where I’ll end up. I feel myself slipping deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, and the light at the end of tunnel seems to be getting further away by the day.

But the real question is this: Even if I knew how to get back, do I really want to?

I’m Mia. Outwardly, I’m a successful, confident, single 20-something with a good job and a happy social life. I’m fun and flirty, energetic and sexy. Secretly though, I’ve been fostering a long, long interest in sex – sometimes to the point that I wonder if I’m healthy, whether I’m losing control, if I’m normal. I’ve recently started to indulge a deeply submissive side of my sexual character, and I’m trying to reconcile my confusion and contradictions with this blog.

Say hello. Ask me questions. Leave comments. I need all the help I can get.

7 thoughts on “About me”

  1. john walters said:

    I find you fascinating and your tales are so erotically charged.Is the male in the events the same? Do you ever switch? Do you have ‘normal’ (awful word to use ,I know) sex?

    Keep posting!
    Oh,and more photos please – stockings and spaff dress!

    • Thanks for your comment John.
      Yes the man is the same. What you see on this blog is all of, and my only experiences. I had nothing but ‘normal’ sex until the events posted on this blog. As for switching, I have no idea I haven’t even considered that yet! I’m a complete newbie!

      Your request for photos has been noted! ;)

      Beau x

  2. I really enjoy your writing style, your attitude and sexiness… Following for sure :)

    Stay happy and sexy,

    • Thank Sam,
      Glad you’re enjoying it! x

      • hello there,its good to see sm1 who knws what they want and gets it!!keep on top with your occupation dnt let it interfer. Enjoy urself :) ur still young so y not. The right person will come along and that will tell u wen u will have to stop, love the sound of all that by the way,its very temptin lol bri

  3. Hi Mia,
    May I call you Mia?
    Still following,still enjoying!

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