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It had been years since I had been sex shopping. Previous experiences were of my ex worrying self-consciously about what size vibrator I would get, and me looking longingly at the bondage section, knowing that he would just laugh about it all like that time I asked him to tie me up in bed. This time it was different. We had discussed what we were going to buy and planned a day off together.

As we were walking around the shop, since I rarely get an opportunity to see all this stuff up close, I was picking up wobbly dildos and feeling the thickness of the whips hanging in the bondage section and poking my fingers anywhere where the packaging allowed me to. I had forgotten how much fun a sex shop can be. Sex is fun, and so should be the shopping. And no, I don’t give a damn if you in the suit are uncomfortable with my girly giggling.

As he started picking up what we came for, it took all my will power not to just stand there and slip into submission at the sight of all the cuffs, collars, restraints. He picked up a spreader bar, then noticed a hogtie set too. I knew he wanted one.

‘No, just pick one or the other,’ I said, ‘You’ll end up with too much to play with, just get that.’ I took the spreader bar from him and he put back the hogtie set. ‘One step at a time, yeah?‘ I held the bar horizontally at my waist and spread my legs apart on the floor the same distance. He chuckled at me. I don’t know what anyone watching would have thought. To be honest, I didn’t care, why should I be embarrassed about being in a sex shop and checking the spreader bar wont be too wide that I pop a hip mid-session or something? We also picked up a leather spanking paddle with metal studs and some nipple clamps.

We purchased the items and at this point I went very quiet, I wanted to step outside the shop and wait while he paid so the sunshine could bring me back to reality.

When we left the shop, I carried the big black bag. I carried it with pride and embarrassment at the same time, walking around Soho it was obvious what kind of shopping it was to anyone who recognised it. I was apprehensive the whole afternoon but determined not to show it. I just had to forget about this bag.

We spent the rest of the afternoon drinking overlooking the Thames. Everything was light and easy we talked about sex, love and what the relative speed of a man running on a boat on the Thames would be, of all random things. Sharing our childhood geekiness, drinking, laughing, no one would have any idea there was something else in the back of our minds. When he suggested going home my reaction was, ‘Its up to you.’ and that shrinking feeling would return in the pit of my stomach.

I didn’t say a word all the way home. I was already slipping away.

As soon as we got into the flat, barely through the front door, I was commanded to get on my knees. He told me to undo his belt and then he pushed his erection into my mouth. He grabbed my hair and thrust into my face making my eyes weep. He moved me into the bedroom, cock still in my mouth, his hands in my hair, me gagging on him, on my knees holding his jeans trying to keep up. This made my pussy throb.


After he had enough of fucking my mouth, I was stripped down to my underwear and sat on the chair in the bedroom. Next was the blindfold, and then my collar. I liked my collar, I obediently tipped my head forward so he could padlock it round the back my neck. The lead hung down cold against my skin. The chair has an iron frame and the back is very uncomfortable. My feet were tied and the spreader bar held my arms. Wait a minute, it’s not meant to be used like this! I sat their patiently while he fastened, tied and adjusted me. He pulled my knickers aside and relished in the fact that I was already wet, he put his fingers in my mouth so I could taste it. Then he left. Well, first he checked I would be comfortable, nothing too tight for example, but then he really left. As the door closed I remembered him saying earlier there was no food in the place, I doubt we would be eating for quite some time, but I realised he would actually be gone from the flat completely. I wriggled in my restraints a bit, getting my wrists in a position that felt alright, I could already feel the blood flowing into my hands where my arms were hanging. I felt frustrated that my pussy was wet and I couldn’t reach it. Where he had pulled aside my knickers the seam was now sitting inside my labia, I tried to ignore it.

I tried to forget how incredibly horny I was and relaxed. I breathed calmly and my mind drifted, thoughtless.

Now, this was a most unusual situation for me. Leave me alone and I will find something to analyse until I have driven myself insane. This time was different, I sat there calm and my mind was free. I can’t describe it, its that feeling when someone says to you, ‘Clear you mind,’ and you never actually can, but this time it happened, and it was bliss.

An hour later his key turned in the door and my calm state turned to apprehension. My ears switched on as I listened to him moving about. I didn’t know it had been a whole hour, it could have been 2 hours to me, or 5 minutes. I felt quite smug about the fact that I was still there, patient and content in my restraints. I knew he would have expected me to move.

I had been a very good girl.

‘You’ve been a very bad girl.’


‘You’ve said no to me 14 times today.’

When? You didn’t actually ask me to do anything!

Then I remembered saying no to a hogtie set in the sex shop, but what else? Every little thing? This isn’t how it works! My inner monologue would usually be blurted out, but I kept my lips shut. He was stroking the paddle across my skin, the inside of my thighs, my breasts. I recoiled further in my restraints knowing this paddle was going to be my punishment.

Calmly he said, ‘I’m going to come all over you, on your face, your chest, all over.’ I felt my face betray me, I felt the corners of my lips curl up. Shit! I smiled at him. Idiot. I remembered the first time he did this. Its disgusting, its degrading. Why the fuck did I smile? I liked it, that’s why. I hated it and liked it. Great, I had basically given him full permission to cum all over me. Again.