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September’s Erotic Meet was a very different experience to the first one I went to. Two things were causing butterflies on the lead up to the night.

I started this blog after the last Meet, and some of my readers were going to be there. Also, I entered the Meet competition, Out Of My Comfort Zone. I had lots of lovely and encouraging comments on my entry, but now I was going to face the people who had read a very raw snippet of my life. This was an unusual and new situation for me.

Upon arriving at the Green Carnation in Soho, I was quickly trying to sink a double to calm my nerves when someone approached me, ‘Are you Beau?’, she asked. Before she even introduced herself I was blushing, this was the first time someone had addressed me as Beau. It was Molly, of Mollysdailykiss, looking beautiful and petite in her cheeky corset. She gave me a lovely warm greeting. I felt terrible I couldn’t give one back because I was feeling so awkward and nervous! Domsigns accompanied her for the evening and it was a pleasure to meet the man behind the voice of their competition entry that made my spine tingle.

Sacred Things performed for the evening. I had no idea what to expect but I honestly couldn’t wait. The show begun with Nick being bound from head to toe in cling film. Holly, proceeded to drip hot wax onto his bare flesh. I don’t want to write any thing about the show itself, I don’t feel I could do it justice. Please read this blog post by Pechorin, a write-up focused on only the show with some beautiful pictures.

Nicks bare bum

This was a first time experience for me. I watched their performance intently, I only took my eyes of the show to look at the rest of the audience occasionally. The audience grew outside our Erotic Meet circle. People from a wedding reception were popping up to see what all the commotion was about and were faced with Nicks bare bum, as double bookings go this had to be a first!

Holly was beautiful and confident, I didn’t see a flinch as she pushed needles through her breasts. (The same can’t be said for the audience.) Nick looked so dependent on her. For two who hadn’t been performing that long, they were polished and relaxed throughout. Personally, the performance didn’t turn me on as such, but I was compelled to watch, completely absorbed and fascinated by them. These two had a clear connection, they kissed and smiled dearly at each other at the end of the performance. I really don’t have enough experience to comment further, but as first time things go, this was a good’n!

Have a peek at their website.

There were many prizes in the raffle. The highlight for me was the strap-on raffle winner. It was immediately slipped on under her little black dress and brandished for the rest of the night like a weapon! (I wouldn’t like to presume I can name her!) Seeing the thick head bouncing and peaking from under her dress tapped into places in my head I didn’t know I had…

I think I want one.

Raffle prizes

Thanks to everyone who voted for my Out of my Comfort Zone entry!!  My prize, the Ultimate Orgasm Kit donated by Sextoys.co.uk, has been added to my growing collection. And especially thank you to those who gave their personal feedback on my entry during the evening, it was a huge confidence boost.

Getting over the hurdle of talking about anything I have written was a biggy, I spent a good portion of the night blushing over one thing or another – the whole bloody night was out of my comfort zone!

Big, big thanks to Annie for arranging a fantastic Meet. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and the company, and the extended happy hour. This is growing and I’m enjoying being a part of it.

It was an awesome night, so lovely to see some faces from last time and meet some new ones. It didnt feel long enough, after a few hours-and a few drinks-I finally relaxed as the night was winding down.

Just one more thing…I don’t suppose anyone can explain to me how the SLUT paddle found its way back with us…?