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This is just a short post by way of a thank you to Molly of mollysdailykiss.com.

Those who have been following from the start know how new this blog is, so the last thing I was expecting was another blogger reviewing my site. I randomly received a message from Molly with a link to her site where she says so many amazing things about this site. Please do have a look, Molly’s Weekly Kiss. I intend to take all her advice which she is still happily providing to an eager newbie.

I was lucky enough to meet Molly in person. I blushed a lot! Molly was the first person to talk to me openly about what I had been writing. Knowing she had read every post felt like I had nothing to hide behind, but I must admit I loved the thrill! I still didn’t have anything cool to say and I recall mostly discussing all kinds of smut.

I promised Molly a Sinful Sunday

Hope it was worth the wait.

Finding trees to climb.

Wearing my best tree climbing outfit.

I didn’t get much tree climbing done in the end.

See who else is being sinful…

Sinful Sunday