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It was a very sinful sunday indeed.

We went for a stroll in the woods. He spanked me to submission then fucked me under trees.

On the way there I was playful and lively in the sunshine. On the way back I was quiet and without my knickers. By the time we got back to the flat I had surfaced on the way back from our little stroll in the woods, I was back to myself again. I was sitting on the balcony relaxing, giggling and reflecting on how that pleasant breeze was on my bare bottom not minutes before, when he pointed something out to me.

There were two cuffs hanging over the door. Instead of immediately shrinking, my heart jumped in excitement, I smiled and laughed. I had completely missed them, probably because I’m short; door frames are way out of my field of vision, like top shelves in my kitchen where I can’t see old potatoes sprouting leaves.

I am learning small snippets of the things I enjoy the most, being restrained is one of them. Before, I had this nervous, quiet apprehension as I would start to slip under at the sight of something. This time I was exited to try the new toy.

Something about having your wrists bound above your head really appealed to me. But still in my naivety I had no idea why. It’s like my head jumps first into trying something I know I will like, but then not really knowing why I like it until after the event. After asking for my collar, and getting that spot on, I just go with it now. It has proven to be a very rewarding method.

First he put my collar round my neck. I had missed my collar. I hadn’t worn it for over 3 weeks, I missed the security, the feeling of the harsh edges on my skin. He bought a new padlock, it was bigger and I could feel the weight of it on the back of my neck.

I eyed the cuffs on the door again. Suddenly that nervous apprehension returned, the collar had robbed me of my excitement and left little lost me waiting for direction. By the end of my lead I followed him and stood with my back to the door. I raised one arm at a time to be secured.

I had to stand on tip toes to make the cuffs more comfortable so I wasn’t hanging all my weight off them. Immediately I could feel the energy draining out of my arms in this position. My hands were starting to go numb. I knew my feet would protest from standing on my toes. My head wasn’t comfortable in any position. Holding it up took more effort, leaning on one arm didn’t help. I could feel my pussy moistening already.

Next to the door was a table and on that table was a wand. This one was attached by a mains lead. He switched it on and caressed my body slowly. He teased my nipples. I don’t know how long this went on for before he ripped open the front of my dress. The torn material hung off my shoulders and exposed my breasts. He attached the nipple clamps and continued to tease my body.

Being hung by the wrists wasn’t just restricting my arms; my whole body was weakened. Different parts were fighting for release from the constant tension. I stood on my toes to give my arms a break, I hung on my arms to give my toes a break. I shifted my weight from one leg to the other, it didn’t take long for one calf to warm up from use. I couldn’t really feel my hands anymore and my shoulders were stiff from being held in the same position.

I wanted to come. Normally the pleasure makes the pain fade and all merge into one.

He ripped his way through the remaining part of my dress. He pressed the wand onto my bare vagina. The power shot through me instantly. I could hear the moisture from my cunt slapping against the head of the vibrator. I literally went weak at the knees, as soon as my legs folded my arms screamed at me. I forced my legs to stand, the continuous effort was unbelievable. I could feel the coolness of perspiration on my skin. My legs could hardly support my body but at the same time every muscle in my body was tense. I writhed against the door, throwing my head back and unintentionally banging it, but I felt no pain.

I gasped for air and my head fell forward as he pulled the wand away, only to turn it up a notch and press it straight back onto my clit.

I was writhing, battling against my own body and the forced pleasure I couldn’t handle. I tried to move away to get some reprieve but he pressed it in me harder. I was wailing, screaming, gasping. Gritting my teeth, biting my lip, mouth aghast. My clit felt like it was on fire, I could feel my cunt throbbing. My hands were limp, too numb to grip into a fist, but the tendons were stretched thin. The closer I got, the more my body uncontrollably spasmed, the harder it was to stand.

This dragged on, I started to think I wouldn’t be able to come in this position. I’m usually in a more relaxed position and even then it isn’t easy. Like a runner faced with ‘the wall’ I was about ready to give up. I couldn’t handle it, it was torture. The forced pleasure, my body aching. The effort was so exhausting sweat was collecting on my top lip and dripping away.

Then I felt it, that moment when the intense buildup becomes like a calm field in summer. Oh god the release. Every muscle in my body went silent as a clenching orgasm took over and waves of euphoric pleasure mingled with the endorphins of my exhausted body flowed through me.

I hung there, catching my breath, watching the drips of sweat fall away. I could have hung there like that for longer, but as the pleasure faded, the silenced protests of my body returned. I could feel the strain through my shoulders and up to my arms, the feeling faded towards my hands where the blood had drained away. I summoned up my remaining energy to stand back on my toes. Next time I do this, I thought, I’m wearing my 6 inch heels.

My head swung lifelessly. My breathing had returned to normal. My skin was covered in goose pimples from the evaporating sweat.

I lifted my head as he approached me, looking at his face, looking for some comfort. He ripped open the velcro on both cuffs at the same time. As soon as my wrists were free, my body gave way. My legs collapsed and I slumped onto the floor. My arms hung limply at my sides, my shoulders were stiff and sore. It felt like trying to bend a hinge the wrong way. I was still dreamy in the post orgasmic glow. I looked at my hands, they were pale where the blood had drained away. There were indents round both wrists from the cuffs. My body was damp and my face was dripping still and hair was stuck to my face. I slumped further now laying my head on the carpet. I let my body finally relax while my cunt throbbed and my clit burned.