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There I was, naked and spread legged in front of my dressing table mirror, looking at myself. My vagina has never been a source of much interest when it comes to paying it any visual attention. Other attention, most definitely!

Me and my vagina alone, me and my vagina with someone else, sometimes more. I do find myself referring to my Vagina as another entity generally just for giggles. Now that I think about it, it seems to have come from the fact I jovially blame my vagina for the trouble I have gotten into over the years. Somehow it has developed an insatiable personality all of its own! Tut tut, naughty Vagina, she just cant say no!

How times have changed that I am no longer repressing the insatiable side of my personality, it’s time for my Vagina to be celebrated! So of course I jumped at the chance for my fanny to be part of The Great Wall of Vagina. Artist Jamie McCartney has created plaster casts of hundreds of vaginas all in the name of art and to address womens vagina hang-ups.

Round a friends last weekend I sat looking through a great big book of vaginas. All of these amazing shapes, sizes and piercings. Some literally opened up like a flower. So many skin tones. Every one was unique and delightful. Even as a female, I never considered the sheer diversity of the vagina. This is one thing The Great Wall of Vagina aims to fix, even the people with a vagina don’t realise how different they are.

Suddenly I wanted to look at mine. I can’t remember the last time I had a good look. Knowing it was going to be on display and knowing a man I had never met was going to get me, full frontal, my Vagina started feeling a tad insecure!

I looked at mine, I pried it open a bit, examined the folds, let them fall back, and with a humph decided mine was comparatively, well, boring!

As source of sexuality and pleasure for me, I have never had a vagina complex. Lost in the lustful moments of opening my legs for someone, and diving in face first into other’s vaginas, it never once occured to me to think I was ugly, or weird looking, big or small; or that someone else was. I know some people might hate me for saying this, because for many women their genital appearance is a source of anxiety, but for me it bought good things so it never occurred to me to worry about the way it looked-until now.

Well, Me and my vagina were not going to let this deter us. We were off to Brighton for some very special treatment indeed. I made sure I was fresh and well presented before going to meet the other vagina voulenteers. A couple of drinks and reminicing about the evening before helped to dull my nervous apprehension.

Arriving in the studio I was taking in the sights of all the body castings and was especially surprised by the level of detail that comes out. Jamie was very friendly and his quirky sense of humour helped along our nervous giggles. I stripped off under my dress and scaled the steps onto the casting table trying not to flash. Which was stupidly pointless given the circumstances.

Jamie got to work…

Liquidised smurf

So, what does it feel like to have your pussy plastered?

Well, rather nice actually. It wasn’t unpleasant or invasive. I didn’t feel like I was being examined, and my vagina was treated very delicatley, as it should be. I must say the blue goo that takes the mould felt rather nice as it’s worked into all the nooks and crannies while it sets. Once I had hopped off the table, I think my vagina wanted seconds.

Next time can I have a vagina cast with a happy ending?

Giving birth to a smurf?

Afterwards I couldnt tear eyes away from the blue inverted mould…

Ta daa!

Smurfette's vag

I did learn that my pussy plaster cast was going to be among the collection for selling, and the idea of having my vagina as a centrepiece in someones home was strangley appealing!

In the pub later that evening, I couldn’t wait to share my experience. My friends left me roaring with laughter. Firstly, it was apparenlty no great surprise to them that I would spread my legs for, well, anything.

“Trust you to get your fanny out for art!”

“Next time do it for money!”

Upon showing them the cast….

“Mia, you have a text book vagina. If there was a picture next to the dictionary definition for the vagina it would be your vag!”

“Can I have my nob cast?” One asked.

“Flaccid or erect?” Was my response.

“Both so I can compare before and after.”

So there you have it, my standard, text book vagina. Even if it looks mostly unremarkable, I’m rather happy with it. And Jamie has at least two volunteers if he ever decides to start the Great Collection of Cock. (Now there’s a show I want to see!)

Thank you to Miss Player for organising the day and accompanying me. To Jilly for being brave enough to go first when I was being a pussy! And to Jamie for making my vagina feel special and beautiful. I’m really glad to have been part of the project, I can’t wait to see the exhibition.

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