I made the kitchen into a slip and slide.

My arms were trying to support my weight on the work top as my legs melted when jets of fluid left my body repeatedly.

Somehow it was worse, because I could hear it hitting the tiles with that wet slapping sound like someone pissing.

My feet were drenched. It poured down my legs.

I caught a glimpse of what I was standing in and started shaking my head. Not again. Please, no more.

I felt like I was on show. I was providing the evenings spectacle as he pumped his fingers in me and I gushed down myself on queue. I tried to resist, but he pushed me back and didn’t stop. He would take his hand away all of a sudden and it just shot out of me.

It was like something out of a porn film. This doesn’t happen in real life.

There were three other people in the room, another couple, his girlfriend, then me hiding my face on him. I didn’t like being watched by them. This was new to me.

I wanted to hide. I wanted to stop. I didn’t want to be watched. But I did. I wanted to be pushed through it. It was the humiliation. The lack of control as he made jet after jet flood the kitchen floor. I don’t like being watched but I think that’s why I liked it.

I could hear them gasping. Saying, ‘That’s hot. That’s so sexy.’

I didn’t feel sexy. I just felt hidey. I wanted to curl up in a ball.

When he stopped he held me close, held me up because my knees were weak. I was still spasming causing trickles to run down my leg, leaving a trail behind as we moved away from the puddle.

‘We should put down a wet floor sign.’ He said.

Everyone laughed. I giggled into his chest.

‘Are you alright?’ He asked. I nodded and didn’t let go.

I tried to collect myself, by that I mean I sat on the floor towel drying my body. I couldn’t look at anyone.

They kept saying how sexy that was. ‘You are sexy, that was hot!’ I didn’t feel unsexy, just shy. Why do I always want to hide?

Maybe one day I’ll embrace it and not be afraid or worry about how much mess I make. Or how much I squirt. Maybe I’ll stop hiding.

If they were not there…

Tell me I have made a mess.
Make me clean it up.
On all fours on the floor.

Fuck me in it first.
Rub my nose in it.

Don’t forget to say,
Well done.