Threesomes and Love


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Emily and Mike had been together for about a year and frequently held gatherings at their flat. We would go round and play drinking games and generally flirt and be merry. This was one of those nights. I was revelling in laughter and alcohol.

Emily and I had become close friends quickly. She had always been very flirtatious with me, all my girlfriends were, but what they didn’t realise is that it may be all shits and giggles to them, but to me it is real. My girlfriends seem to take perverse pleasure in testing all my restraint and will power not to call their bluff and drag them into bed.

Emily was the worst. Slender and petite, blonde with a broad smile and seductive blue eyes. She would always cheekily grab my arse, or drunkenly kiss me on the lips. Tell me I’m hot and whisper dirty things in my ear, glancing over at Mike knowing he would be watching and fantasising about how far she might take her behaviour.

Emily had been in my head for some time. Somehow I had fallen for her. My fantasies were not crude porn-like lesbian antics, but subtle and loving and passionate. I would imagine how soft her skin was and what she would taste like. I would imagine my arm around her tiny waist in the morning. These things and much more swam around my head that night as she kissed me and toyed with me, I could tell the look in her eyes was no longer playful, but had a purpose.

As friends dropped away from the house one by one, I realised I was the last. Emily and I were talking and laughing in the bedroom about the nights events. Mike was walking about the house, closing doors and turning off lights, signalling I wasn’t going home tonight. As he walked into the bedroom Emily and I were already on our knees on the bed, holding hands, touching noses and looking at each other with anticipation. This time it wouldn’t be playing and I wouldn’t be holding back.

Breathing deeply and grinning with excitement, Mike crushed the tension and bounded over- “For fucks sake will you two just get naked already!”

He pulled the string of my wrap around dress and stripped me completely naked in about a second and I lay there laughing. I rolled over onto Emily and he watched while I softly kissed her, letting my tongue roll over hers leaving my saliva on her lips as I moved down her neck, slowly undressing, kissing each bit of body I exposed. She sharply exhaled when I bit her nipple and I knew she liked it.

Teasing him as much as her, he watched me make my way down. She focused on my every move, looked into my eyes and stroked my face leaving the tips of her fingers on the inside of my lips.

I knew this was all about us. All the tension she had been building over months, all the teasing I had endured and I could finally smell the moist fabric as I removed her thong.

I stroked my lips on the inside of her thigh, I could feel the heat rising. I moaned as I slid my tongue inside because at the same time I felt Mikes rough finger tips stroke the curve of my ass and slide his fingers into my pussy. I pushed two fingers inside her and left my thumb pressing against her anus. Emily jerked up, “Naughty girl!” She exclaimed. I laughed smugly and pushed her back onto the bed. I felt the smooth tip of Mikes erection briefly stroke my side as he leaned down to kiss his girlfriend while I buried my face in her cunt.


I slept against Emily’s back while she lay across Mikes chest, leg draped across his thigh. I was still so horny that I could feel the dampness on my thighs; I knew I probably wouldn’t get a wink of sleep with her body next to me.

Minutes or hours could have passed before I felt them both stir. I could tell by the soft motion of her hips rubbing her ass against me she was awake so I reached my hand around and played with her clit. Like me, she was still sopping wet.

Mike turned on his side so I could now feel his cock pressing against my hand. I smothered it in her wetness and teased her clit before guiding it inside, feeling her stretch around his girth. I felt her skin around him as he pulsed.

With every move he made Emily stroked me. She turned to kiss me, breath moaning into my mouth and teeth knocking with every thrust.


After that there were just as many flirtations, but now every touch would remind us of that night. I remember thinking about how Mike was around me now, he became more protective, more loving. Above all, the three of us didn’t let a thing change, she was still my best friend, he was still my best friends boyfriend; we would still go out as normal and give each other this look. That dirty little secret look that made me twitch every time.


Shortly after Emily asked me about doing it again. I had a feeling she would since I had thought about it nearly every day. We were sitting outside the pub, I’ve never seen her squirm so much with awkwardness. God those eyes, looking up to me with all this openness, I didn’t want to disappoint her, but I had to. My answer was no.

She looked surprised for a moment then crushed. I felt awful. Of course in my wildest fantasies I would be back there, I told her. I explained as much as I enjoyed it, I can not allow myself to go back.

I joked about ending up their little sex slave, at their beck and call. I fantasised about sitting around their house naked ready and wanting. God that idea turned me on, but I knew it would end up a warped, cold relationship eventually.

Who would cuddle me at night? Who would fuck me in the morning? Days out, holding hands in the street, making plans, saying I love you, all those little big things. Emily had all these things, things that I neither missed nor longed for in my single life. My single life was about having the freedom to explore my sexuality. I knew, over time I would feel like I was missing out and maybe become envious, or lonely. I didn’t want to take that risk, and above all, risk our friendship over a bitterness that couldn’t be helped.

She understood and accepted my reasons and hugged me like a best friend. She said ‘I love you’ in my ear, and I loved her too, but I didn’t say anything back. I was already regretting saying no. But I knew it was the right thing to do.


This was my first threesome, it must have been at least 6 years ago now. All of the above was written at the time, with minor edits. I found it tucked away in an old note book, I had forgotten how I wrote about my experiences years go too.

It’s funny how life comes back around, and in hindsight I made the right decision. 

Emily and I are now more like sisters, I have an unconditional love for her and a connection that has never faded even long after Mike and through all the turmoil our friendship has had. I wouldn’t change a thing.

It’s easy to learn from our mistakes, but is it as easy to learn when you do the right thing?

Mia x


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