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Read part one Whore’s Mouth.

He wrenched my head away by my hair, ‘I think we have covered this orifice enough, what do you think Miss C?’

‘Yes, I think I’m ok with that one now.’

Miss C noticed that my pussy was literally dripping down my thighs now, ‘Oh look how wet she is.’

‘Does sucking cock make you wet?’ He asked, I nodded and grinned. It did, it really did. Sucking cock attached to a beautiful woman was even better. I was grinning until he said, ‘So which orifice shall we move into next?’ I knew either would be a challenge and suddenly I was plunged into the deep end.

‘You have the asshole or the cunt to choose from.’ he had stood me up and was holding me close with one hand around my neck. I was immobilised, controlled but completely secure.

‘I think I might like to try the asshole next.’ I didn’t know if I was glad this was first or not.

He looked down at me, ‘Look at me,’ he instructed. I managed to focus on his eyes, ‘Are you alright little cunt? Miss C is going to fuck your asshole are you ok with that?’ I nodded, wishing he wouldn’t ask because somehow the hint of a choice added to my shame of agreeing to proceed. ‘Do you remember what we talked about with your safeword?’ I nodded, ‘And the colours?’ I nodded. ‘Can you tell me?’

I mustered up the coherence to mutter the words, ‘Green and orange.’ Orange meant proceed with caution, green meant I was within my comfort zone; and then I had my safeword.

‘I think we shall have her on all fours.’ he moved the chair to the end of the bed. ‘This fuck toy’s new,’ he said lifting my body about like a rag doll awkwardly, ‘She doesn’t know where she’s going yet.’ He moved me onto the chair kneeling with my hands on end of the bed in front of me. He sat next to me one hand underneath my waist holding me there. ‘Spread your knees.’ Miss C was now out of sight. I was pressed against his warm, fully clothed body, waiting.

He spread my ass cheeks apart. ‘There are two holes here.’ Miss C observed. This time the slight humour didn’t do anything to relax me, I was trying to resist squirming away. I didn’t like them looking at me but I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

‘Yes it’s this one you want,’ He said, spreading me wider so there was no confusion, ‘That one there is the cunt, we will come to that later.’

‘I would start with an inspection with your fingers. Put on some gloves.’ The word gloves made me very uncomfortable. Gloves scream clinical at me, not something I am a fan of. The gloves alone were setting off insecurities about doctors visits. I cursed myself for not thinking of it sooner, so I sucked it up. It’s just gloves. I couldn’t see them so it didn’t matter, so I put it out of my mind.

‘As this is a new training toy it’s best to perform an inspection to check that the orifice is fully prepared.’

Oh god what does he mean?! Does he mean check if I’m clean?! What if I’m not?! I was mortified at the thought. This was pushing my limits. He held me still so I couldn’t look behind me, I was breathing heavy. I felt like there were tears of shame welling up petrified at the thought of not passing an inspection.

She coated her fingers in lube. ‘I would start with one finger for now.’ he instructed.

I felt a finger touch my asshole ever so gently. At this point my memory goes hazy. He had his arm on my back and the other would occasionally massage my breasts or pinch a nipple. If he wasn’t there right next to me, I don’t know what I would have done, he was grounding me. If he was afar, instructing from the other side of the room, I would have caved by now. I was thankful for the security of his body next to mine.

Their words were so objectifying, talking over me like I wasn’t there, like I wasn’t a real person. Neither had touched me, just the strap on, the gloves and the occasional grope. I wanted to hold his warm hands on my chest, I wanted someone to release this tension that was building up.

She was now working more than one finger in my arse. He was explaining how you can massage the sensitive squishy area, but you might not be able to feel it with gloves on. I knew exactly what he was talking about, I felt my muscles tighten around her fingers.

My eyes were wide and my mouth agape. He asked me if I was alright again, ‘Are we on green or orange?’

‘Orange.’ I gasped. Fingers were uncomfortable, cock always felt better.

‘Ok Miss C remove your fingers slowly.’ My whole body relaxed. I dipped my head taking in deep breaths, but I didn’t exactly get much of a break.

‘Ok now is the asshole fully prepared?’ No reply. ‘Obviously if you aren’t satisfied the asshole is fully prepared after an inspection you don’t have to go any further with your cock.’ Oh please no, please let everything be ok.

‘Take off the gloves inside out. So do you want to fuck her ass?’ Then he addressed me, ‘Do you want Miss C to use your ass?’ I nodded.

I did want her to. I really did. I didn’t want to let her down. I didn’t want her to be displeased if I said no. I wanted to be used.

The conversation went over me, I could hear what they were saying but my head was really only focused on sensations, feelings, relaxing and breathing. This was the most intense experience, my mind was so overwhelmed that any inner monologue disappeared long ago.

‘Ok, if you rest the tip against the opening…’

‘There is a lot of resistance.’

‘That’s normal, the way to do it is to apply constant pressure to move past the outer muscles.’

She started pushing and slipped. ‘This is quite tricky.’

‘It is difficult, that’s it, up a bit.’ he gave her direction. Meanwhile I was focusing on relaxing my mind and body while I was prodded. I concentrated on slowing my breathing and focusing on each muscle group to relax.

She pushed past the threshold and I felt it slide inside me. I gasped wide-eyed and my fingers gripped the sheets. Fuck, it felt huge, and solid.

She slid it out and pushed it all the way back in again. He described the different methods of movements for different sensations. I was still just trying to focus on staying as relaxed as possible I didn’t take in what he was directing. The more relaxed I am the easier it is to take.

Then she took over and pushed forward until I felt her pelvis and moved slowly. Spasms took over in my abdomen and my body went rigid. ‘She seems to like that…’ Miss C thrust deeply and slowly.

I was moaning louder and louder. My cunt was clenching on something that wasn’t there. I had no control, an orgasm hit me out of nowhere. He asked me, ‘Are you going to come?’ but it was too late! I could already feel myself gushing down my thighs.

‘Sorry.’ I said breathlessly in between moans and gasps and spasms. I was told not to come without permission but I didn’t even know I was going to.

She withdrew. I collapsed onto him leaning slightly propped up on his chest, panting and shuddering. ‘You ok little one?’ I nodded. I was somewhere in my head, lost in thoughts I couldn’t hear. Was I trying to process the fact that Miss C had fucked me in the ass or that an incredibly intense orgasm had snuck up on me? I don’t remember. My mind was processing a thousand sensations that drowned each other out leaving me mute.

He gathered my weak limbs onto his lap and held my naked body, ‘Shall we take a break?’ I nodded. I could not speak. It was all just too good, too intense, too amazing for words.

Back on the chair in my default position, legs to chest hiding behind my mop of hair, I was quietly sipping on a glass of champagne. Now that I had come back to my senses a bit we were discussing Miss C’s technique. I was able to offer some feedback in short mumbled sentences.

‘I’m not sure what happened…Deep thrusting is good.’