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I wrote this a couple of years ago. It turns me on reading it back. Thinking about him still turns me on now. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I lifted my head up from the pillow in a gaze. He must have been down there for an hour by now and he hadn’t stopped yet. I could feel his long hair draped over the inside of my thighs and one of his hands up round my waist. The other hand was expertly working with his tongue, round me, in me, kissing me, licking me. My hands were aching and my fingertips numb from grasping the sheets but I could lay in this blissful place forever.

Mr Best Sex, my most generous lover, pleasing me in any way he could. Yet I hadn’t come and I didn’t care.

For once I wasn’t frustrated about it I was just laying there taking in every single movement. Every now and then he would sweep his long hair away from his face and move his fingers around in me as he licked my clit. God I had been on the edge of orgasm so many times yet always, something was holding me back. But it never matters with him, I could leave him there for as long as I wanted. He absolutely loved it as much as I loved returning the favour. I gestured at his face to come to me and I kissed him long and wet, I could taste myself all over him.

‘Tired yet?’ I asked.

‘No, you taste amazing.’ His lips fit mine perfectly and as his tongue reached down into my throat I moaned.

We met frequently. I call him Mr Best Sex because he is that good, but only because we are good together. We spend all night on each other, when we eventually have sex, it’s almost like we do it because it’s the logical conclusion to all the foreplay when really we are already having so much fun. That is what I have when I am with him, fun. It’s fun having sex, it’s fun laughing with him, it’s fun laying about chatting and waking up in the morning and doing it again. He is not the kind of man who would keep visiting a girl, he’s distant and unattached, he keeps coming back to me because we are good. The first time I was with him I felt like I didn’t want to go back to anyone else. Everyone is selfish and mundane by comparison. The first time I was with him he lay back naked on my bed and exclaimed, ‘We should give lessons!’

Mr Best Sex reached over to put a condom on. I kissed him and ran my fingernails down his back. He reached his fingers between my legs and stroked my clit, his other hand grabbed the hair on the back of my neck and he looked at me as I writhed in front of him. Biting my lip, moaning out, every time I shut my eyes he would tug down on my hair forcing me to look so he could watch. He kissed me, passionately, sucking my lips and stroking his tongue around mine, we lay back together.

I could never describe how I feel about him to his face, unattached yet when were together it’s as if we are making love. Too many men seem afraid, afraid that if they look you in the eye it will mean too much. Afraid to hold your hand in case you don’t let go. I am a passionate and unselfish lover and I have met my match and every moment with him is heaven.

I reached my hands down so I could feel his huge erection, my tiny fingers just touch at the tip when I hold him. He kisses my neck as I guide him into me. He pushes gently and my face is torn between a grimace and a smile for I know what’s coming. Inch by inch he forces his way into me and I can feel my cunt being stretched around his enormous girth. At the same time as taking it I want more, the moment of pleasure and pain combined is sublime. My hand squeezes his hip and restricts his movement allowing him bit by bit to move his cock deeper and deeper into me. His fingers lock with mine and I squeeze them tight in pleasure as we make love.

I fall asleep on his chest and in the night we have rolled around each others naked bodies, his arms around me spooning, legs in a tangle. By the morning
I wake up to find we had done the classic roll over and sleep manoeuvre.

Mr Best Sex is on his back, I cannot resist. I haven’t done this for ages and
I have this small glimmer of doubt in my mind that I have forgotten, or my jaw has somehow weakened to the point that it wont even fit round his enormous cock.

Shaking it off I roll on top of him. His stirs lazily and sluggishly strokes his hand along the curve in my back and round my bum. I kiss his lips, he’s half asleep and barely kisses me back. I run my tongue down his neck and pause to nibble his ear and play with his earring in my teeth, oh that worked. I can feel his cock hardening below me, I rub my moist, bare pussy on his thickening shaft and then duck below the sheets.

I tease his balls with my tongue as I take his cock in my hand and massage it slowly. I can hear him waking up a little more. I run my tongue all the way up his shaft and take him into my mouth. Sucking ever so slightly with the back of my tongue I feel his dick fully harden in my mouth. God that turns me on so much.

I start sucking gently, moving up and down as far as I can take. Considering his size, taking it all isn’t an option. I let saliva run out of my mouth and use my hand in rhythm with my mouth, unbreaking and expertly changing position so he cannot tell where my mouth finishes and my hands begin. He reaches his hand to my face to feel my lips around his cock, the covers get thrown back and my hair swept from my face so he can see me.

I look him in the eye as I quicken my pace. His head falls back and suddenly his thighs clamp around me. His cock throbs in my mouth, I let out a muffled groan. The hand holding my hair was now gripping it, his other hand was clamped on the edge of the mattress like someone holding on for dear life. His body quivers and I couldn’t move my legs for his were tight against me.

My jaw was aching, my throat was aching, my neck was aching, my arm was aching. I had forgotten how much of a work out this was but I love doing it. I love feeling the shape of his cock in my mouth, I love feeling it pulsate, I love feeling my saliva run down his shaft, I love feeling the muscles in his stomach flex uncontrollably as I get him closer.

He lets out a moan, louder and louder, my favourite thing, I love the noise he makes when he comes and it is loud. His hips thrust and the hand in my hair holds me in place. Suddenly I’m concentrating all my energy on not gagging as he trusts to the back of my throat. My jaw at full stretch, my teeth on his shaft, he fills up my mouth with his warm cum.

My lips are sealed round him and I stay there for a moment. He lets out a breathy laugh as his chest heaves and I slowly let my lips move to the end of his cock not letting a bit dribble out and swallow.

I lay next to him on my front propped up on my elbows and he has the grin of a teenager who just got head for the first time. He kisses me deeply and rolls to his side to face me, one arm under me and other on top round my head, and we fall back asleep.