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I found the school room. Three wooden desks lined up in a row, hard back chairs and an easel. I squealed with excitement before I even got back to
Miss C. I had hatched the perfect plan.

Miss C and I had acquired a new toy last weekend. We were wondering around a museum when Miss C innocently held up this paddle and I started giggling.

‘’It’s a paddle, an actual paddle!’ I said. She still looked blank so I took it from her and swished it through the air and flexed it slightly testing the tension. Miss C had a glint in her eye then slid the educational paddle into her bag. We giggled our way through the rest of the museum. ‘We are sooo naughty.’

We bought the educational paddle along to Molly’s birthday play party just in case, and it was a good thing too.

I arrived with Miss C, Saskia & Libitina. Miss C and I were well and truly corrupted in this world that strolling into a play party wasn’t a daunting prospect. For Saskia & Libby this was a new concept and they were a little unsure about what to expect.

As I showed them around the venue and opened various doors their eyes gleamed at the play equipment. Seems they were in their element.

After a spot of greeting, mingling and consuming of party food Miss C showed off the educational paddle.

‘Here, I think you should hold this for a while.’ I said to Libby.

‘Why?’ She asked with a huge smile on her face, but still took it from me.

‘Just look after it for us.’ I said. Knowing I like to hold hitty things I wondered if she would get attached to the paddle.

Something had sparked in me. I was toying with her and we had barely got through the door. Why? I had no plan. The events that followed that night were completely spontaneous.

After finding the school room I told her she had to learn the material on the educational paddle because Miss C and I were going to give her a test. I was jumping around like a dizzy girl at the thought of testing her later. I explained the plan to Miss C who was more than willing to dish out any punishment if Lady Libitina didn’t do her homework.

Later on in the evening we opened a door and caught Libby and Saskia revising the material using the St Andrews Cross while Libby was attached to it! They burst into bashful laughter that we had caught them in the act.

‘We were learning it, honest!’ They said. We were very proud teachers.

We had definitely given Libby enough time to revise the material, we wanted to take our students to the school room. I boldly walked over to where Libby was sitting.

‘It’s time for class now, bring the paddle.’ She had indeed become attached to it. It was tucked under her arm all night as she sipped her drink and chatted. I even saw her showing it off a couple of times.

‘Oh no I haven’t read it enough yet!’ She said.

‘But you’ve had it long enough. What have you been doing all this time?’

‘Can I have ten more minutes?’ She had the most serious face on with a glint of hope.

‘You’ve got five.’ I said sternly and walked back to Miss C to set the timer running.

We glanced back behind us and wickedly giggled as we watched Libby intently studying the paddle instead of talking to the people around her.

‘We’re so mean!’ This was a lot of fun.

Two minutes to go and Libby had disappeared. Where had she gone? Was she trying to sneak in another five more minutes revision? She swore she was going to the toilet, but the paddle went with her.

By the time she got back she had taken the full ten minutes. She was late. I took the paddle from her and marched her and Saskia to the school room; Which they didn’t even know existed yet.

I strolled in and opened the door, ‘I hope you’re ready for your lesson ladies. Have a seat.’ I beamed.

They laughed as they entered the room, we were all giggling uncontrollably. Miss C and I assumed our positions at the front of the class and attempted to compose ourselves, which was hard given the cheeky grins coming from our students. This was genius.

We started asking questions based on the text on the paddle. It was all about a room in 1790, the decor, the furniture and the designs.

Libby couldn’t seem to keep herself together. It was like it was impossible for her to put her hand up before speaking, and even more impossible to wait for permission to speak. Not to mention the bad language. She had clearly learned the material but her behavior was letting her down. She had already gathered five strikes from the paddle in a very short space of time.

‘I think Libby is going to need to be taught a lesson before we can continue with the class.’ I said.

‘What?! Nooo! That’s not fair!’ She said. Like she had a choice.

Miss C was wielding the paddle. I instructed Libby to the front of the class. She bent over with her elbows on the desk in front of Saskia.

‘I don’t think this is going to work through your skirt.’ Miss C said. ‘Pull up your skirt.’

She wriggled her skirt up around her waist to reveal her tiny pert cheeks, completely untouched, clad in black lace panties.

‘I don’t think these are regulation panties, do you Mia?’

‘No not at all. I can see through them, and they don’t even cover her cheeks.’

I think the same thought was running through our brains at this moment, do we tell her to pull down her panties too? Seeing as it was her first lesson I didn’t say anything, besides, her non-regulation panties barley covered her arse anyway.

Miss C administered the first smack. There was a pause.

‘How many was that?’ I asked.

‘One.’ Libby replied. Her voice now quieter and missing the cheek that got her in this position in the first place.

‘One Miss.’ I said.

‘One Miss.’ She repeated.


‘Two Miss.’

As Miss C made her way to number five the room was silent except for the sound of the paddle hitting flesh and Libby’s counting.

‘Five Miss.’

Her bottom was now a bright pink.

‘Now straighten yourself up and return to your desk.’

The lesson continued. Libby was remembering to put up her hand more but for some reason we all kept ending up in fits of giggles. Well, we couldn’t have the students showing up the teachers; and we certainly won’t have back chat and insolence in class.

‘Libby you keep speaking without permission.’

‘Oh come on!!’ She would say and turn to Saskia for back up. It was clearly Saskia that was winding up Libby but it was far too entertaining dishing out more punishment than putting an immediate stop to it.

A few more wrong answers, a few disappointed shakes of Miss C’s head and much, much more laughter than is usual in any classroom.

‘I think I’m going to have to split you two up. We can’t be having constant interruptions.’ I walked over to Saskia and told her to stand up. I moved her chair into the corner facing the wall. ‘Sit back down facing the wall. You can still raise your hand to answer questions from there.’

Saskia clearly wasn’t pleased to be out of the action. But suddenly the lesson improved. We were making good progress.

Libby was making a real effort to draw on her revision, you could see her thinking hard with every question. And she was remembering to put up her hand before speaking, as was Saskia from the naughty corner.

‘So, can anyone tell me which year we have been talking about?’

Libby’s hand shot up at the same time as blurting out the answer.


‘Answering before you’ve been given permission again.’ Miss C said.

‘Saskia, do you have the answer?’ I asked.

’1970 Miss?’

The year was 1790. But even I had to double check!

‘Oh dear you’re both wrong, considering we have been talking about this year for the whole class that definitely deserves another hit from the paddle, and an extra one for you Libby for answering without permission.’

We had been tallying up the numbers throughout the class.

I asked Saskia, ‘How many have you have now?’

‘Ten.’ She said.

Miss C and I found this highly amusing. ‘You’ve got nowhere near ten paddles!’

‘I haven’t?’ She sounded surprised. But now I think back it may have been disappointment cleverly disguised.

‘I think she wants ten though don’t you.’ Said Miss C.

‘She clearly wants it so we should give her more. How about fifteen? I think that’s a nice number.’ I said, ‘You can turn your chair around now and return to your desk.’

Her bottom was already raw and bruised from the day before. She squirmed at the number fifteen but those big blues tell a different story. She wanted it.

‘How many does Libby have?’ Miss C asked.

‘I don’t remember.’

‘Lets give her ten then they will have both had fifteen.’

Libby’s mouth was wide but there was definitely a hint of a smile there. But she said nothing. I think our little bit of punishment halfway through the lesson had worked.

‘Saskia would you like to come to the front of the class,’ It wasn’t a question. This never is. Libby learned this earlier.

She bent over and pulled up her skirt, she didn’t even need instruction.

‘Oh look at this Miss C!’ I exclaimed. Miss C and I bent down to have a closer look. Her little crotchless panties revealed her cute cunt lips peeking out below her round bottom. Well these definitely were not regulation panties but neither of us complained.

‘Oh that is a sight.’

Miss C and I looked and looked at the beautiful little pussy. Libby was waving her arm frantically in the air with a massive grin on her face. ‘Yes Libby?’

‘Can I see?!’

Since she had asked properly I said ‘Yes.’

She skipped her way to the font of class and all three of us looked at this dirty little sluts crotchless panties. I wanted to stick my fingers through that gap and into her. Saskia was silent.

‘You can return to your seat now Libby.’ Dejected, she sat back at her desk and watched as Saskia counted through 15 strokes. We gave her a safeword knowing how raw she already was from yesterday, but she didn’t use it. Somewhere during the 15 strokes the atmosphere had turned serious in the room. The girly giggles had gone and something else had taken over.

Miss C and I had taken over.

Saskia was enjoying each impact on her already bruised bottom. Miss C turned the only unscathed middle bit of her cheeks bright pink. She could have taken more. She would have. When she finally sat back down we could all tell, she still wanted more.

This was most enjoyable. I liked watching the punishment. I liked dishing it out. I left all the physical work to Miss C who was far more experienced than I, but I was enjoying my role as teaching assistant. I was enjoying watching my plan unfold, watching them love every minute of it, every wallop from the paddle. They started listening to us, following behaviour. Their little faces were suddenly eager to please and eager to receive. This was too good. I was wet.

Next it was Lady Libitina’s turn. Instead of protesting this time she looked like she couldn’t wait to get back up.

The silence continued. All you could hear was the thwak against her skin and, ‘One miss…Two Miss…Three Miss.’ All the way to ten.

‘So who do you think was the best student?’

‘Well, the less worse student.’ Miss C replied. And the laughter was back. ‘Saskia took fifteen paddles on that very sore bottom of hers…’

‘Oh but look at her, she still wants more!’

Saskia grinned and nodded.

‘I definitely think Libby made a marked improvement in class.’

Libby grinned and nodded.

‘You two are evil!’ Libby said.

Yes Miss C and I most definitely were, and we bloody loved it!

In the end Libby was given the lollipop for showing the most improvement. For some reason she didn’t put down the paddle for the rest of the night. In fact, she liked it so much, Miss C and I almost didn’t get it back at all.