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The music started, the kind of tune that makes you want to grind and writhe in your seat.

The kind of music you want to fuck to.

My breathing became heavy in anticipation and a faint smile was on my face. I knew I was going to particularly enjoy this session.

Lori was laying on her front and London Faerie proceeded to flog, whip, and spank her. The air was electric. I glanced around the room everyone had an intense focus on the stage. As the rhythm built up with the music I felt a wave of warm rise from my feet up through my entire body. Every hair stood on end. It felt like my hair was suddenly weightless and warm.

It flowed like a dance. His feet swayed with balance and the flogger landed on the beat.

I could feel my body reacting, I could feel my vagina warming. I could feel my intimate muscles twitching and waking up. As the goose bumps spread my nipples stood erect through my shirt.

My face relaxed into a contented gaze.

The rhythm of the music drew you in to live it with Lori. It sucked you in further and further until your heart fluttered in expectation of the next thwak.

She laughed and giggled. I do that too. I love that feeling.

The goosebumps over my skin felt warm, with every new rise of this warmth coming from my cunt I couldn’t help but smile and dim my eyes to let my ears take over for a few seconds.

Her bottom was turning crimson before our eyes. I wanted to be her.

As the session ended Miss C whispered in my ear, ‘I think you should give me your knickers now.’ Knowing they were well and truly soiled.

Oh not again, the second pair! I stepped into a secluded corner and pulled them off under my skirt and handed them over. Miss C grinned and pressed them to her face before stashing them in her handbag.

I spent the rest of the day aroused and trying not to flash. This included bending to pick up my raffle prize in front of 80 people and exposing myself for a taster of the misery stick.

Here is London Faerie’s own write up, Performing the ecstatic.

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