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I’d just been given a collar, I think I’d only worn it for a couple of nights before I started reading Subtext by Kate Marley. The man who had given me the collar recommended her book. He thought I would relate to it and that it would help ease some of the conflict I was experiencing as a new, inexperienced submissive.

I had no idea what to expect so I read a teaser online. Within a few sentences I knew I would like it, I knew it would turn me on. I was hooked.

What’s it about?

Kate is a successful, career-driven woman on a path of sexual discovery. I would use the word ‘journey’, but I know she’s reading this and that last sentence alone was cheesy enough!

She discovers she loves a good spanking and craves pain and humiliation. Subtext takes you through the emotional turmoil of a submissive. Although this is a fictional work, it becomes clear that there are autobiographical elements. She takes you through her relationships, life and love.

How is it written?

Kate’s personality really shines through in her writing. Even in the most uncomfortable scenes that have you squirming in your seat, her wit and humour are constant. I talk to my girlfriends with the same ease as Kate writes about sex. That’s what makes this a magnificent read; her writing style puts you at ease. Everything is sexy and she always gives the gritty details you want your friends to confess.

The book really sucks you in, taking you deeper into the mind and the heart of a submissive. Every account of every experience is detailed frankly, but it’s incredibly erotic. Even the points where Kate is pushed to the extremes, she has a way of making you feel comfortable to carry on reading, if only out of sheer curiosity about what this girl is going to be put through next. You hope for a reprise so you can literally catch your breath, but you don’t hesitate in turning the next page

Did I find it sexy?

This book turned me on, I wanted to be her, or at least be sitting in the corner pleasuring myself watching her! Some of the things Kate writes about have been in my darkest fantasies for a long time. I found myself questioning whether I would perform the same acts if I were in the same position, and every chapter mirrored my own internal conflict. Half of me was willing the sentence on, wanting her to be put through worse so I could relish it as a reader. But the other half was shrinking away, cringing or just completely aghast at how far she would go as a submissive. I found myself smiling and laughing at the darkest scenarios, then cringing and gritting my teeth. At times I was disgusted, it drops you right in at the deep end, and in spite of myself I was still turned on.

But the further she goes, the more I respect her.

What did Subtext mean to me?

Without sounding too gushy, this book was like the best friend I didn’t have. As someone who is new to BDSM sex, I couldn’t confess my latest sexploits to even my closest friends. I was too embarrassed and scared of being judged or rejected. I felt like I needed to talk to someone, to try to understand what was going through my head, why horrible things were turning me on. I think I wanted the reassurance I was still ‘normal’, and Subtext satisfied that need.

Reading Kate’s book gave me a true insight into the mind of a submissive, someone like me. Throughout, Kate explains herself, her feelings and thoughts. You get a real sense of her inner monologue which makes every experience all the more real.

Like me, she is independent and confident in her life and relationships, but there is considerable contrast in her sex life. It’s a reassuring thought that there are ‘normal’ people out there, like me, who go through the same emotions about having really horrible, degrading, painful sex and love it.

So what did I make of it?

What makes Subtext more than just an erotic book for me is the way Kate describes how she is comfortable with how her outwardly confident ‘real life’ conflicts with her attraction to humiliation and submission. She proves that it’s possible to be a well-balanced, fully-functioning woman with submissive tendencies. She made me more comfortable with being strong and submissive at the same time.

A good book, like good sex, leaves you satisfied but craving more. I wanted to know what happens next to Kate, and where her path will lead her.

If you have BDSM fantasies, or you’re looking for inspiration, or at the least, you’re open-minded when it comes to sex, then I highly recommend Subtext. I think it’s particularly good for new submissives who want the articulate reassurance of an experienced and confident woman. It’s also great for Dominants looking for inspiration. This book is a hot read, regardless of the kind of sex you have. I dare you to read this and not get even the slightest twitch in your pants. You will never be able to look at chopsticks in the same way again. It will fuel your fantasies, and if you’re lucky, your sex life.

You can buy her book here.


In case anyone is wondering, I did eventually tell someone about my adventures, my best girlfriend. Turns out she’s a bit of a closet submissive too! I watched her squirm as she read an extract from my blog. Then she went to change her knickers! Dirty girl!