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My best friend, Emily, came over last week. I had spent so many weekends indulging in all kinds of dirty sex I had been neglecting my friends. So in an effort to have a catch up, I invited her round for a girl sleep over, movies, shit food and giggles.

Emily turned up at my front door beaming smiles at me, we kissed and hugged in greeting then she held up a bottle of wine with a huge grin on her face like a proud child; all I could think to say was ‘Well done!’

Inside she dropped her bags down and wrapped her arms around me properly, I hugged back and buried my face in her neck. She is my best friend and I had missed her so much, we didn’t let go for a while.

‘I’ll grab some glasses.’

Emily poured us two very full glasses. We chinked our glasses together and took a sip through smiles. It wasn’t expensive white wine but very drinkable. I noticed she had another bottle poking out the top of her bag, ‘Expecting a long one are we?!’ I said as I slid it out and popped it into the fridge.

We drank, and talked, and laughed, and hugged. I honestly love this girl, over the years we have gone through the worst and become like sisters. We had so much to catch up on. Eventually she asked me about my sex life. I blushed and giggled, ‘Well, there’s nothing much new to tell from last time, maybe a couple more bruises-’

‘Oh! Can I see?’ she interrupted.

‘Noooo..’ I said, through my laughs, still holding her gaze because deep down I wanted to show her, of course I did, and I knew she really wanted to see. Not just because of curiosity; she had a real interest in my activities.

We had got through one bottle of wine already and in my feigned avoidance of the subject I went to the fridge to get the second. By now we were both airing on the merry side.

‘Oh go on show me.’ She giggled with delight, looking up at me with piercing sapphire eyes that make me melt.

In the week following The Chair, I had gone to her house for another evening of wine and giggles. After an intense weekend I was dying to let some of this pressure out, but I couldn’t tell her, right? I was afraid of many things. Rejection, disgust, somehow tainting our friendship. What if she couldn’t look at me in the same way again? The way I can barely look at myself in a mirror after a particularly dirty weekend.
Emily is always curious to know what I am getting up to, being that I spend most of my life single it’s like having her own personal dirty soap opera. Some things I tell her, some things I don’t.

Emily had bought me an erotic novel once as a gift for my birthday. I chuckled as I opened it,
‘Ah, you know me too well.’ It was a pretty fitting gift for me. The book was by Belle de Jour. I had never read anything dirty before; I settled into it one night expecting to get a little turned on, but I didn’t. That was, until I made it to the part where Belle ended up strung up by a dirty couple who were dripping hot wax over her, and she left after being given enough money to cover a taxi ride home ten times over. I called Emily the next day, eager she asked,

‘So how do you like your book?’

‘Oh my fucking god! The scene with the candles-’

‘I know, right?!’ she interrupted. And in that moment we had learned another new snippet of each other. I love how my closest friends can still surprise me.

Knowing this one little thing, I decided to take a chance and make a confession. Back on her sofa, I had shrunk in and curled my knees up, recoiling from the question about how my private life is going now. I couldn’t hide it, I couldn’t pretend like it was average, I couldn’t lie and I couldn’t make out like I had been celibate either, she knows me better than that!

‘What?? Tell me.’

‘I can’t.’ I smiled and held my hands over my reddening cheeks trying to hide myself. I couldn’t tell her, but I really wanted to. I wanted to confess everything all at once, but I didn’t. Instead I handed over my phone, ‘I can’t tell you, but I can show you…’

She read in silence, The Chair post. She looked up occasionally, with a massive, guilty, dirty look on her face. She hugged her knees to her chest and started breathing deeply. She threw her head back at one point and exclaimed, ‘Ugh!’ as if reading this had caused a physical reaction. She squirmed, and blushed, fidgeted and giggled. I watched her intently, feeling myself getting increasingly turned on by her reaction. I wanted to watch as she read everything I had written, I wanted this girl to writhe over my writings.

‘Fuck me! Phew!’ She finished and handed back my phone. ‘Wow.’

I said nothing, I was speechlessly in awe of her reaction.

‘That completely turned me on, did that actually happen, all of it? I mean you didn’t make any of it up?’

‘Yes, all of it, nothing has been embellished or made up.’

‘Ugggghhhhhh!’ She threw her head back again taking deep breaths. ‘God I actually feel like I have had sex now. Feel this.’ She grabbed my hand and placed it on her chest, I could feel the excitement in her heart.

I realised we had both curled into the same shape on the sofa, she was mirroring my body language. I wondered if this was how I looked when I was sinking. I imagined two submissives being together was like putting the same end of two magnets together. It wouldn’t work, would it?

I was still slightly bashful about what I had just revealed and couldn’t make full eye contact with her.

‘So, what do you really think?’ I asked.

‘My god Beau, I am seriously jealous!’


‘Yes!’ she giggled. ‘My boyfriend would never do this to me, and I am happy with that, I mean, I haven’t done anything like this before but-God I would!’

I breathed a thousand breaths I had been holding in out in one huge sigh of relief. Turns out I had a very kinky best friend all along. She went on.

‘My ex caned me once, I love being tied up, we even played rape a couple of times-’

‘Oh thank God I’m not the only one who likes that.’

‘God I love it, uugggggg!!’ She writhed again at the thought of it. ‘Well, my boyfriend is going to bloody get it good after that! But first, I need to go change my knickers!’ She playfully slapped my knee as she got up and I sat there basking in this new found connection.

Dirty little girl, I was thinking.

Pouring us two more glasses from the second bottle, Emily wasn’t giving up on the subject.

‘Show meeeeeeeeeeeee!’ She scrunched up her face like a child about to burst. I took a deep breath and undid the top button of my blouse with my eyes down in shame for what I was keeping under there. I undid the next one, I could already see her knocking her knees together on the chair, leaning eagerly forward. I heard her suck air through her teeth in anticipation. Another button, I could feel myself shrinking in front of her, this doesn’t usually happen with other people. She had told me to show her, and I was obeying because deep down I like feeling like an abused slut. This was humiliation, I wanted it, and I was comfortable enough with her to not feel too ashamed. I pulled back the collar over my shoulder to reveal my breasts in a sheer bra. The bruising, only a couple of days old, was fading into yellow in parts, but the most obvious was the blood spots under the skin; my breasts were peppered with them.

She breathed out as if she had been holding her breath the whole time.

‘Fuck me Beau.’ She reached out and stroked my skin with the tips of her fingers. We are so comfortable with each other’s touch this wasn’t a sexual gesture. It was like she wanted to soothe the skin, but feel it at the same time.

I shook it off and did my shirt up. ‘Yep, paddle, nipple clamps and now its turning a nice shade of baby poo yellow!’ I laughed, breaking the tension and bringing us back to realty, ‘We watching this movie then?’


Emily and I made our way upstairs. I may be a big girl but I still spend most of my time in my bedroom, besides, I have a better TV up there. I was just sorting out the DVD while Emily was rearranging the mountain of throw pillows to make herself comfortable on my bed.

She pulled back a pillow, ‘What the HELL is this?!’

I turned my head, ‘What?…..oh.’

She held this thing high like a flame torch, like a weapon on display, presenting it to me as if I had never seen it before.

‘Shit, sorry, I forgot about that.’ I smiled. I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed, Emily and I don’t bother with embarrassment about masturbating, but I don’t think she had worked out what it was for yet.

‘Switch it on if you like.’

She did, ‘Oh….wow ha haha!’

‘It’s a massager, it’s called a Wand most of the time.’

She cupped her hand around the end of the wand and felt its power. ‘But its attached by a lead!’ The word “Lead” came out in a high-pitched squeal only audible to dogs.

‘Well you know I need to leave my batteries free for my Xbox controllers!’

Emily was still holding this the buzzing wand distracting me from putting in the DVD. She gulped down a bit of wine from her glass. She was looking at me, then back at the wand, then looking at me.

‘Do you want to try it?’ I asked.


Another high-pitched squeal that made me giggle like a naughty school girl. I watched her intently, trying to gauge her reaction.

‘Hold it against yourself.’

‘Huh-Right now?’

‘Yeah, hold it against yourself.’

‘What?’ She looked embarrassed.

‘No I don’t mean like that, here…’

I moved onto the bed and took the wand from her hand, and started by stroking down the outside of her thigh. She laughed and pulled her leg away. ‘Seriously, try it, just a little bit. It will blow your socks off, I will let you borrow it if you like it.’ I smiled sweetly.

‘…Ok.’ She took another gulp of wine and shifted position opening up her body.

‘Close your eyes.’

I went back to her thigh and stroked it down the outside, from her knee to her hip. I ran the end down her arm, from her shoulder to her elbow.

Then I moved to her chest, starting high, starting slowly. I saw her chest immediately heave with a deep breath as I moved bit by bit towards her breast. Her breasts are small and perky, perfectly formed, I couldn’t see her nipples through her clothes, but I knew exactly where they were. I circled underneath both of them, her breathing changed, it looked almost like impatience. I looked at her face, eyes shut and calm, expressionless, relaxed. I moved the vibrator across her nipple, ‘Ooohhhh,’ She giggled and sighed at the sudden change of sensation before relaxing again and, and could see it now standing erect through her t-shirt. I moved on to the other side. Her other nipple was already aroused, her shoulders dropped slightly as she relaxed more.

‘Do you like it?’


‘If you want me to stop you can say so.’


My scheming mind looked around the room. How far can I take this? I was feeling tipsy and confident. The amount of times this girl had made out with me when drunk, and she had no idea how that tapped directly into my vagina being that I am bisexual. She would bite me, grab my arse, pinch my nipple. My mind flashed back to one of the numerous times in a club, music blaring and lights moving, and in the dark in a corner she would grab me. The little minx. I know what the term “Cock tease” means because of this girl.

But she is my best friend, and I would never take advantage of her. I know all she wants is a flirt and a bit of fun, I doubted she really wanted to cross that line with me.

All these thoughts and a decision had been made in a split second.

‘I’m going to do something, I know you trust me. You are going to keep all of your clothes on and you’re going to do exactly as I say.’ I was still moving the wand over her nipples. ‘You can tell me to stop at any time and I promise I will. Nod if you understand.’

She smiled a little, and nodded her head once.

‘Now I want you to keep your eyes shut and don’t move.’

I turned off the wand. I dug under my pillow for my sleep mask, and she allowed me to put it over her eyes. Her nipples stood out through her bra and t-shirt, but I needed easier access.

‘Take off your bra from under your t-shirt, keep your top on though.’ She did as she was told. The only other thing she had worn were leggings and socks. ‘Remove your socks too.’ I said as an after thought, we both smiled at this even though she couldn’t see me.

‘Now lay down.’ I guided her on my bed to where I wanted her. By this time, she must have known what was going to happen. I got up and went over to my dressing gown hanging on the back of my door, pulled the strap from the waist and moved back to the bed. She wouldn’t be expecting this though, I thought.

I moved her arms up and secured them to my iron bed frame. I felt a change in her, her comfort levels were being pushed. I didn’t worry, I knew I wasn’t going to do anything she didn’t already want to do, and I knew I wouldn’t cross any lines in our friendship by doing it.

I picked up the wand again. I switched it on and held it, Emily’s body twitched. I counted to 30 in my head letting the sound move through the air, knowing that this feels like an eternity when you are waiting for something. She looked beautiful, she always does. Her mouth straight and calm, her tiny wrists wrapped up as tight and secure as I could get them. Soft blonde hair spread around her head. Her slim frame on my bed, the flash of skin where her top didn’t quite reach her leggings showing pale skin and at the end bare feet with painted toenails.

30 seconds was more than even I could bear.

I leaned over her body, close to her face, close enough so she could feel my breath on her lips as I moved the wand over her leg from her thigh, over her hip, I paused to circle around her belly button, taking care to leave her skin covered. I moved back over her breasts, her nipples now more prominent without a bra. As I stroked around her breast her hands tightened against her restraints. I watched the muscles in her legs tighten and her toes curl as I passed the end of the Hitachi over her nipples again.

I teased her like this for some time. Her breathing was becoming more intense and I could hear the occasional tiny sigh from her throat as she exhaled. I switched off the wand and felt the relief as her muscles relaxed in the sudden silence. I leaned in close to her ear, letting a couple of breaths linger.

‘Don’t forget, you can tell me to stop at any time.’ I whispered. I felt her body shudder next to me.
Silence. I felt a smile creep up my face, a smile you will rarely see, reminiscent of the cunning, plotting grin illustrated in a Dr. Seuss book.

I sat up.

‘Open your legs.’ There was a slight hesitation as she lifted one leg, then the other to move them apart. I remembered myself in this position with a spreader bar cuffed to my ankles, this memory merged immediately in to reality, picturing her ankles restrained on my bed. I wondered if she would have allowed that.

Wand in hand, I flipped the switch. The drone filled the room again. I returned, this time to the slit of exposed skin across her hips below the seam of her t-shirt. I moved the end of the wand across her bare skin. After the small reprieve, her body woke up again. I knew she would be seething with anticipation, I was determined to drag this out longer than I could handle, knowing it would be much worse for her. I removed the wand completely, then waited, then randomly touched it back on another part of her body. Her chest, her thigh, her body would jump if i touched her nipples. After enough teasing I moved onto areas that hadn’t been touched yet.

I began by dragging the wand down the outside of her thigh, from knee to hip, then snaking it back down the front before returning to my ascent on the inside of her thigh, stopping just short, taking care not to touch in between her legs. I repeated on the other side in the opposite direction.

All this excitement so far, the bondage, the build up, had all been in my head. I hadn’t even noticed how turned on I was because I focused solely on her. Thinking about how wet she was through her clothes suddenly made me realise that I was soaking.

Fuck it, I can’t take this any more. I repeated the pattern one more time, edging the wand so slowly towards her clothed vagina. The vibrations would be more than enough to penetrate through the thin cloth. She moaned aloud as I gently moved around, she brought up her knees slightly and moved her hips trying to press into it, I kept the lightest contact, I wanted to be in control.

She writhed and moaned, her legs twitched if I passed over her clit. I imagined her swollen, wet cunt under her clothes. I was sure she was soaked through by now. I wanted to touch her to verify this, but I knew I wouldn’t cross that line. Especially since I knew, right now, she probably wouldn’t stop me from doing anything. I was determined to make her come, fully clothed, without touching her.

Lying next to her. I leaned over her body allowing some contact. She was radiating, glowing in her increasing pleasure. She moved her hips around trying to get a better grip on the wand, but I wouldn’t allow it. ‘Agghhhh!’ she cried out in frustration. I chuckled, and that sadistic grin returned, knowing she was suffering under the teasing. I pulled the wand away for a moment and switched it off. She was breathing heavily from the frustration, writhing on my bed. Fists clenched in her crude restraints.


She obeyed. Her body melted into my feather duvet as she slowed her breathing and waited. Instantly I was tempted to leave her there. Leave the room like I was left once, I wondered if she could handle it. I told her about The Chair and she did express that she would love to try it. But I couldn’t do this to her now, I relished in the thought that she would hate me if I paused for too long.

Instead I turned on the wand and without warning I pressed it hard against her cunt. She screamed out and tensed at the unexpected force against her clit. Her hips bucked as I moved it around parting her flesh through her clothes, pressing deeper. I rolled it over, feeling out for the right angle, the right pressure, taking in every reaction, every twitch, every moan. She was getting close quick, she was pressing back on me, wanting it. She always came quickly, I knew it wouldn’t take long, but she needed something extra, a little push to send her over the edge.

Her hips thrust against me, her body tensed and shuddered, she writhed all of a sudden as if trying to get away. I knew all to well how intense this was. I lifted my leg and gripped my thighs together over her closest leg to hold her in place as I forced the wand harder into her.

I leaned my face close to her. I let my breath out on her cheek. She turned her blindfolded eyes towards me. My lips were parted, her mouth was wide open in ecstasy she moaned into my mouth. I let my lips brush hers as her yelps and gasps quickened. I held her leg firmly in mine as she bucked and tensed, my heart was pounding and my breath heavy. Like the calm before the storm, she froze, silent all of a sudden, every muscle ridged in her body, then came loud and hard. She moaned every wave of orgasm into my mouth.

I pulled away the wand and switched it off. Lifted my leg off hers and left it there, limply draped over mine. She turned to the ceiling sighing through the post orgasmic glow.

I thought about untying her hands, but then she hadn’t said stop yet. She just laid there, content and relaxed. I grinned that grin. I snapped the switch back on and she whipped her head towards mine in shock. I waited for her shock to turn into a reaction. Was she going to ask me what I was doing? Was she going to tell me to stop?

Nothing. I knew there was a pleading look under that blindfold, but you never really want to stop, do you?

‘You haven’t said stop yet. One more?’

Silence. She laid her head back on the pillow and wriggled back her composure with a smile.

I couldn’t believe what came out of my mouth next. The ends of my lips curled again and I said…

‘Good girl.’