There’s only 23 days left before Eroticon 2012 and I would love to go but alas I don’t have the funds. I am just little ole me on my own and the cost of travel and a ticket would leave me living off sardines on toast and crunchy nut from now on!

I started this blog a little over 6 months ago and I have an amazing fan base already not to mention the friends I have made through writing. (Big-up you guys!) Their support and encouragement keeps me writing and exploring my new lifestyle. Eroticon is something I would love to go to, not only because so many of my new friends will be there and speaking, but for my own development to keep writing great stuff for my readers. I don’t know where this blog is going but I don’t plan on slowing down yet! I hope Eroticon will provide me with lots of material and knowledge to keep doing what I love and you love.

I would be eternally grateful if I was sponsored to go to Eroticon 2012 and would like to give your business the opportunity to sponsor me! Yes YOU!

Ideally you are a small Erotic/Sex business looking for some genuine personal endorsement for your products or services through me.

All I would be looking for is the cost of a ticket and travel.

A ticket costs £100
Travel around £40

That’s only £140

For that tiny amount I can give you lots and lots!

  • I will represent only your company at Eroticon.
  • I will represent your business by wearing any merchandise you supply-make it sexy!
  • I will write a post to introduce you as my sponsor with links to your website.
  • You will get regular mentions on twitter when speaking about Eroticon.
  • Link on my blog to your website from the time sponsorship is agreed and for a month after the event.
  • Anything else you might like? Happy to negotiate.

I would also be interested in reviewing products, advertising services and general promotion via blog posts and twitter. If you’ve got great services or products that are to do with sex, why wouldn’t I want to shout about them!

If this all sounds good to you please contact me [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you.

Mia x