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This is a continuation of Unfinished.

Sat on the bed in the studio, staring into the middle distance, trying to ignore the urges coming from my cunt.

I didn’t even bother putting down my glass of wine before my fingers started edging in between my thighs. I just want to see how wet I am, I thought, just a little bit. I stared intently at the doorway, ears straining for any hint of a sound of his return. It seemed to take an age for my hand to move. Like a pickpocket, I was holding my breath, trying not to disturb a single follicle on my own skin as I stealthily edged my fingers closer. My thighs parted ever so slightly, so slowly, I stroked the freshly shaven skin.

It was coated in a warm, slipery wetness that made me gasp unexpectedly. If I stood up it would have oozed down my legs. I dared to go further. Parting my labia I could feel I was swollen with arousal, the heat was radiating from within, I wanted to follow it. I slid one finger inside. Without realising, I shut my eyes to let my senses take over as I withdrew my finger and let it slide over my clit and let it rest there, teasing just enough to create sparks.

Shit! What was that?!

A noise brought me back to my senses all of a sudden. I clutched my wine glass with both hands and put on my innocent face as he walked back into the room. He apologised for taking so long, took my wine and paused to look at me.

‘Are you ok?’ He asked. I nodded.

My heart was pounding. One finger on my clit, for just a few seconds, but I needed a little more. I was ready to explode.

He wasn’t convinced by my innocent expression and looked at my wine glass that was now in his hand. He held the stem and inspected the light bouncing off the glass. There were a couple of obvious finger smears from my pussy juice.

He grabbed my hand and sniffed it.

‘Been busy while you were waiting then?’ I didn’t answer. ‘You can wank off in your own time, not during my shoot. But if you were that desperate you only needed to ask. Were you that desperate?’

He drew in a long breath taking in my scent. He took the finger that had been inside my cunt a few seconds before and put it in his mouth, all the way to the back of his tongue and sucked it clean. I was gritting my teeth. Inside I was crying out for him to grab me, fuck me, anything.

‘Well, are you ready to continue?’

‘Yes.’ I managed.

I relaxed my body preparing to continue with the shoot, trying to accept I wasn’t going to get anywhere this time-and for gods sake don’t be a brat about it!

He got back behind his camera.

‘Well?’ He said.

I gave him that look- What?

‘Well, I asked if you’re ready to continue, so continue.’

‘I am ready to continue.’ I said.

‘Well, get on with it then.’

I was quite confused, I thought he was talking about the photo shoot, then it finally dawned on me. The need to orgasm had obviously clouded my intelligence. He was expecting me to continue what I started, except now he was going to watch.

No way. I started squirming. ‘Not while you’re taking pictures still…’ I couldn’t hide my face of girly embarrassment.

‘Look, we don’t have a lot of time. Stick your fingers back in your cunt so we can finish what we started.’

I very tentatively did as I was told and put my hand on my vagina. Suddenly I was put off that orgasm. He gave me an impatient look.

‘Open your legs and show me yourself.’

I couldn’t make my legs move. It’s like my brain had stopped talking to them. I wanted to do as I was told so badly. This always happens to me, I cursed my stupid self for not being able to do as I was told. But I will, because he caught me and I wanted to be a good girl now. I wanted to make it up to him.

Slowly, I forced my legs open. My hand was now covering the one bit I didn’t want the camera to see. I was breathing heavily from the exertion of the simple task of trying to overcome my own inhibitions.

‘Use your fingers and open yourself up. Show me your cunt.’

Fuck. I was still wet, and only getting worse. A voice in my head was saying, ‘You want this. You want to be humiliated.’ No. I don’t want to wank off to a camera!

I parted my labia for him, opened myself up. I had to look away as he looked. My legs were trembling. I couldn’t face him in this position.


Oh god, not that! Any picture but that! But I never found my voice to protest.


I mustered up the courage from somewhere to continue. I slowly started stroking my clit, but I couldn’t relax. I couldn’t shake off the fact that he was watching and that there was a camera.


I closed my eyes and laid back on the bed. I pictured myself back in my bedroom. I had just got out of the bath, I was laying naked on my bed. I was reading some of the smut he had been sending me via email. He was telling me all the nasty depraved fantasies he wanted to play out with me. I loved every word.


I was laying on my bed getting off to all the things he wanted to do. I imagined he was going to do them right here and now.


There it is, my stride, I found it again. I could feel the warmth rising up into my abdomen and spreading along my thighs. I knew it wouldn’t take long. I was going to come on camera for him. I wanted to come for him.


God I’m so close. My muscles were spasming and tightening, building up the tension.


‘Oh god!’, I realised I was saying it out loud. Suddenly the sound of my moans and gasps came into my ears and echoed round the room. How long had I been vocal? I didn’t care. I wanted him to hear.


‘Don’t you dare come.’




Like falling in a dream, I landed back in the studio with a shattering thud in my chest from my heartbeat. I was gasping for air from the rise of and orgasm and from the sudden onset of sheer outrage.

‘That was excellent Mia. I have some really great shots to work with here. You can get dressed now.’

What??? My mouth was aghast as my eyes followed him around the room searching for a response while he started dismantling equipment. He didn’t even acknowledge my expression or the fact my legs were still open and two fingers were resting on my aching clit trying not to move.

I removed my hand and suppressed an involuntary twitch from my cunt. My really angry cunt. I closed my legs carefully and stood up. I stayed there naked for a few seconds trying to calm myself down. Goosebumps were spreading over my body and my brow was cool from slight perspiration. The tension was mounting for a different reason now.

Once I finished getting dressed, I caught his eye with my death stare. He smiled and chuckled at me, I couldn’t help but smile back. I hate it when they do that! You can’t even hide your stupid girly smile and they know you’re not really mad at all.

I cursed that smile, then the spell was broken.

‘Let me know you got home safe.’ He said as he saw me out the door, ‘Oh, and one more thing, under no circumstances are you to come until I next see you.’

‘Ok.’ I said with a huge grin on my face.

I went home grinning all the way, aching, happy and unfinished.

Thank you!

A huge thank you to every one who commented on Unfinished, I was truly overwhlemed by the response.

It had to be the getting caught mid danger wank that won it for me in the end.

Congratulations to (@yes_THAT_Tonya) whose comment was the winning inspiration to complete Unfinished. I loved how my little naughty fantasy was a huge inspiration for her to practially finish off the whole story herself!

I love how popular this was, and great fun for me too. It was especially great to see some new commenters. I am thinking of making this a regular feature on my blog, what do you think?

It would be a great challange for me and I genuinley enjoy getting you guys involved.

Mia x