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This is another piece I dug out of the archives. I wrote this a couple of years ago. I sought it out as this will be the first in a series of posts about squirting. The first time it happened it was a bit of a shock. Actually, it hasn’t stopped being a shock! 

I spotted him across the bar, excused myself from my friends with a dirty grin on my face, and strolled over to him letting my hips sway. I said hello. He greets me. No kiss, no hug, just that smug grin of a man with a big ego. I attempt to initiate flirtations, the plan being to swoop in and make myself known and swan away knowing he won’t forget me and watch my pert round ass as I go. This failed. This failed because he asked something not many men have the balls to ask outright.

‘Wana come back to mine and fuck?’

…Oh dear.

‘Yes please.’ I say.

Back at his he doesn’t mess about. He practically rips my clothes off, struggling to get my jeans off because my heels are still on in the rush. I lay there naked, chest heaving heart pounding. He kisses me tenderly while his hand runs down my body across my breast, pausing briefly to circle my nipple with the tip of his finger.

His hand reaches up to my neck, softly he holds my jaw and pulls away from the kiss. Then without warning he grabs my hair with such force I grimace through clenched teeth at the pain and grab his wrist tight with one hand to loosen his grip. His other hand immediately grabs my other wrist and he pins me to the bed with his weight. I look at him intently, daring him to hurt me.

How did he know this would turn me on?

He uses his knees to pry my thighs apart and I feel the shaft of his hard cock press on me . I put enough pressure on to show resistance without fighting back. He pauses for just a moment to move into position.

I suddenly realise how wet I am when the end of his erection slides from the opening of my pussy up to my clit like silk. He relaxes his grip on me, I breath and let my jaw loose, the tip of his cock arousing my clit as its stroked against me.

I don’t get long before a quick, deep, sudden thrust and he enters me fully, I wince as I feel my tight pussy stretch and my muscles squeeze in pleasure around his shaft. He puts his hand over my mouth and I wrap my legs round his waist as he fucks me deep and hard. I moan though his fingers, my breath loud through my nose as I try to get enough air. His cock thrusting in me causing my stomach muscles tighten and my pussy to clamp around him.

I push his hand out of the way and roll on top. He lets me take control to my own rhythm before I feel him match me and thrust with my movement. As I get closer I sit up with one hand on the head board and one hand on his chest.I keep sliding his full length in and out, stopping to tease the tip or letting him enter me a centimetre at a time before sitting down hard.

I move my knees forward and angle my hips to find the perfect place, the perfect position, I am getting closer to something. I grind down on him riding this intense feeling. Fuck the neighbours. I moan and gasp ‘Oh god’. I am brimming and my thighs weaken slightly and I lose pace-too late! As my pussy clenches his cock is forced out and at that moment I come. I come loud. And I come wet.

I open my eyes in shock as I feel pussy juices gush down the inside of my thighs and spill all over his cock and run down his balls.

‘Oh yes!’ he exclaims, and deeply groans at me with the filthiest look on his face and that arrogant grin that shows me he is very pleased with what just happened.

But before I can get over it-and where did that come from and why did that happen-he turns me over. My face hits the pillow and he thrusts hard and fast from behind before I have a chance to pick myself up.

‘Oh god I’m going to come again!’ I say aloud as if it was a warning. I wasn’t sure I wanted to after what happened, I know what happened but this is new, what the fuck just happened, where did it all come from-oh god!

My face falls back to the pillow and like a wave through my body I come again and feel a waterfall squirt down my legs with force as his cock still thrusts in me.

‘Oh my god stop!’ I plead. I need to relax and feel this.

He slides himself out. I stay on all fours, still, but breathing heavy, the curve in my back arched and my lungs panting. He runs his cock around my dripping pussy and over my exposed ass spreading the juices around. He runs his hand up my thigh, slides two fingers in me and then reaches to my face. I lick his fingers, taking a deep breath through my nose to smell the moist, hot air and take in this new taste.

‘Its sweet, why is it sweet?’

‘It’s good, that’s what it is.’ He chuckles at me as I lay down awkwardly, still panting, still sopping wet from the waist down, trying to work out why and how I had come like a porn star.

He laid next to me on his back and relaxed, he hadn’t come yet, his cock was still rock hard. I smile to myself. I lean over and stroke my lips on the end of his cock, licking my moisture from his skin and take his length to the back of my throat. We were in for a long night.