So, it’s officially my first birthday today, and my what a year it has been.

I would like to share with you some highlights from the last year.

The good, the bad and the downright depraved.

Lets start at the beginning.

The first post. I ever so innocently asked for a collar, not having much of a clue about the meaning behind it and even less of a clue about my own desires.

All I knew was I wanted something hard, thick and restrictive around my neck. I wanted to feel like a piece of property and used like I didn’t matter. When picking the collar I didn’t want any of that fluffy soft shit. It needed to be leather, and it needed a lead.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Since then, there have been many firsts.

The first time pain turned me on.

The first time I was whisked away for filthy hotel room sex.

My first (and only) attempt at being funny, pondering over what it would be like to have a penis.

First time I got my vagina out in the name of Art.

First blog recording.

And then there’s the ones you loved!

The reigning champion search term is still Forced Orgasm!

The award for the most clicks on a blog post goes to Sodden sheets!

Finally, the most popular pictures.

I would like to make a few mentions because I had no idea I would make it to blogging for a whole year.

Hungry Joe, the man who named me Beau, the first chapter, the one who gave me the collar and helped me start out this blog.

The Erotic Meet gang. Meeting accepting, open-minded, creative individuals gave me the confidence boost to think I could do it myself.

Molly’s Daily Kiss. For finding my blog when it was brand new and being one of the best friends I have made in the last year.

You. I love how this has grown. I appreciate every comment, every click. I am a total stats whore and my how the stats make me happy.

And of course all the other filthy individuals who have become part of my life and allowed me to publish all the nasty things we do. Keep giving me material!

Thanks!! You’re all awesome!!

Speaking of nasty things, it’s only going to get worse.

I don’t write because I have a blog, I write because I want to. I started writing for me, to put all the pieces together. Lately, not so much of the writing has happened. But I will make no apologies for not writing, as I will make no apologies for what I do write.

I write honest accounts of my life and the things I enjoy doing. They may not be the things you enjoy doing. They may make you cringe, recoil in horror, or turn you on; or like me normally all three! There will be no disclaimers. I will assume, since you follow my blog, you want to follow me further down the rabbit hole.

I will leave you with my favourite post, What I Want.

Mia x