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This is the first guest post from the new man. (When I think of a name I might give him one!) Please let me know what you think because if you like it he may do more. Read my version here, Look At Yourself.

It transpires that there is something in Cumhole’s head that triggers regression when she has something in her mouth. The night before, she accepts my thumb and keeps it there for an hour, eventually falling asleep with it in, occasionally sucking as a reflex. Oddly I feel protective again.

When we finally wake up, she takes the bit gag. It is not too tight a fit (next time it will be, he will pull it up until her mouth is bared like a muzzled animal), but it is enough to leave her with spittle already forming around the rubber bit. She looks perfect.

I have her work my cock as she is bent into a little ball in front of me. I tell her it is up to her to work me as she’s still finding my full length difficult – we will go deeper each time until it’s buried in her, but actually even now she is pushing back further. Her cunt lips grip me, and resting back watching her, I can see the muscles tug around my shaft as she works, and works, and works.

When we put her in front of the mirror, she is already a drooling mess, too lost in cravings to worry about the hair stuck to her face or the dribble hanging from her bit. I pull her hair to begin with, to make her look up, but eventually simply leave her to do that for herself, telling her over and over to take the spectacle in. Her, small, gagged and looking sullied and soiled with her own saliva, me reclining, letting her know that her efforts are worth less than a cursory glance. And still she rocks back, and still she moans, looking like she will sob while a damaged little slut gazes back at us from the mirror.

I spank her then, over and over, making sure that she is nothing but silent. She is a good girl, and while one of her cheeks begins to turn crimson she stifles her gasps, her ass bucking a little with each hit. She asks for more when she is told to, she stays quiet because she is told to.

Eventually my cock is aching from staying so stiff for so long, and I need my Cumhole. We un-gag her, and bind her arms behind her back, setting her throat to work. She takes it all in, in slow strokes, slobbering all over again for new reasons, and retches when I find her tonsils. She says she does not like it, and all I can think is you will: you will because you’re told.

Irritated by anything less than obedience, I put her on all fours and push the tip of my cock into the tight, sucking vaccuum of her arsehole. She squirms, and says it’s not what she wants. Would she be grateful for more down her throat then? Would she?

“Yes. Fuck me in the throat.”

And then she is keen and thankful, laying on her front and pushing herself onto me, hardly gagging at all while I fuck her mouth using her as a repository, little more than a toy. A slave. She takes it, and takes it, and takes it, needing less air between each set of pumps and concentrating on being the best hole she can be. It is exquisite, the lurid pink tape on her arms making her look all the more grubby.

Finally, I am ready to finish, and make sure she swallows every drop. She sucks and gulps and keeps me in her mouth. In time, this dick may as well be god to her, and already she is accepting, already she is doing as she should.

She is rewarded: I grip and twist and yank at her nipples while she pleasures herself, still sweaty with her mouth still lined with drool. As I squeeze her tits like a vice she finally explodes, exhausted. She is mine. And yet, we have only just scratched the surface of her skin and her mind. There will be so very much more.