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I waited outside the station for him, long enough for me to stew in my head. My nerves were driving me crazy. ‘Fuckfuckfuckfuck’ I said under my breath, ‘Oh god oh god’. I hid in the fluffy collar of my coat afraid that I might see him walking towards me. I was afraid I would change my mind.

He had been messaging me all day. ‘What’s the condition of your cunt?’

I was at work, my pussy was aching, it jumped every time the notification popped up on my phone. I was resisting the urge to masturbate, I didn’t want to touch myself, I hoped it was going to get attention later. I spent most of the day trying to look like I was doing work and not running around my brain all the possibilities that the weekend may hold.

All I knew was that I was going to be used in a training session. He told me I was a set of orifices to use for practice for his girlfriend and her strap on; and if I was good enough he would consider making use of them with his own cock.

The fear of failure hit me. What if I wasn’t good enough? I pictured myself discarded in a corner close to tears while they fucked on the bed next to me because I wasn’t good enough to join in.

Standing in the cold waiting for him to meet me, trying to look out for him but too afraid to look up.

I can’t remember the first words he said to me as a greeting. I couldn’t even look at him. He put his arm around me and I buried my head in his coat trying to hide. I was glad he was there now so I didn’t feel so lost on my own. He brought his mouth to my ear, ‘How is your cunt now?’ I barely managed a squeak, I don’t think the noise I made even counted as actual speech. In my head all I wanted was his fingers in my cunt right there outside the station. I wanted him to feel how wet I was because I couldn’t say it out loud. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t look at him. Just touch me, oh god just stick your fingers straight in my cunt.

‘Is this the Mia you warned me about?’ The Mia he was talking about was too shy to look up, barely able to speak, tiny and submissive. I nodded with a smile on my face unable to make eye contact in case I saw all the things he wanted to do to me and ran away. ‘You’re twitching. Is that because of the cold? You’re twitching like a rabbit. Come on little rabbit, it’s not far now.’

He led me by the hand or else I wouldn’t have been able to walk at all. Every now and then he would stop and say something in my ear that made my knees buckle and my cunt twitch. I would gasp desperately as if on the edge of orgasm, then try to compose my limbs to continue walking.

While waiting for Miss C we spent some time in a bar. He relished in winding me up about all the things that might happen while watching me squirm. Sometimes he would grab the back of my hair and talk in my ear. Sometimes he forced me to look at him.

‘Do you think they’re going to have as much fun as you this weekend?’ I looked around the busy room, people laughing and drinking all around me, and here’s me curled into a ball on the chair trying to hide my shy smile.

‘Think any one’s going to want to sit in this chair after you’ve leaked your cunt juice all over it?’ Question after question that I was unable to respond to. I couldn’t curl up any tighter if I tried.

‘Do you often give yourself up for a couple to be their fuck toy for the weekend?’

‘Do you like 10 inches? Miss C and I got 10 inch strap on just for you. Think you could take that?’ The onslaught continued. I wanted some release, something, anything.

‘Do you think they could tell what we’re talking about?’

‘Do you think they will be wondering why you’re hugging your knees and squirming on the chair?’ I didn’t care if they did.

When he asked if I was ready to go, yes and no came into my head at the same time. Yes, because I couldn’t take the mind fuck any more, and no because things were about to move beyond a mind fucking. We eventually went back into the cold to make our way to the hotel. He took me by the hand and walked me there. The cold air suddenly made me realise the heat emanating from between my thighs.

I didn’t lift my head as we walked through the hotel lobby and into the lift. I wondered what the staff might have thought. When the lift arrived at the right floor I felt like I was glued to the spot. The doors almost closed on me as I forced my legs to walk out.

He knocked on door.

The door opened but I couldn’t see by who until I stepped inside. There was a beautiful Miss C holding the door for me. She was naked except for fish net stockings and a suspender belt and high heeled boots. She cut an intimidating but sexy figure towering above me. I glanced her up and down taking it all in and hurried past into the hotel room. Her pale skin was flawless and I noted she was clean shaven. All I could think of was how beautifully sexy she looked, effortlessly confident in her skin. I really wished I was wearing heels too. I wished I could be more like her and less like a little lost rabbit.

A collection of nerves and a couple of drinks in the pub meant I had to use the bathroom. ‘Come back out naked.’ he said as I scuttled away. Really?? Oh god.

Taking off my clothes was easy in the safety of the bathroom. My pink knickers were damp from two hours of verbal pussy stroking. I could barely make eye contact with myself in the mirror, I didn’t even want to look at my body. I looked down at the sink and took deep breaths. I reminded myself that it was ok if I didn’t want to do anything. But I did, the contest was not whether I wanted to, it was just about not holding back.

I opened the bathroom door and peeked round. Miss C was doing something with the laptop and he caught my eye. ‘Are you coming out?’ I shook my head and hid behind the door again. All naked and vulnerable, I was a scared little girl who didn’t want to be seen. I peered round the door again, he chuckled at me. I wished he would come and drag me out by my hair. ‘Look at this Miss C.’ They both looked at me and laughed warmly. I just felt silly, I don’t know what came over me, I couldn’t make my feet walk out. I hid again with a big stupid grin on my face.

He didn’t tell me to come out, or come in and get me. I peeked round the door again just as he moved Miss C onto the bed, spread her legs and just looked at her body for ages. She looked so relaxed and content in this position. After a few seconds I would be already squirming from the exposure. He started licking her pussy, it wasn’t long before she started moaning. Convinced they were sufficiently preoccupied to not focus solely on me I tiptoed out, sat on the chair and brought my knees to my chest and watched.

Involuntary spasms were rippling across her body. He lifted his head briefly, ‘Do you like watching?’ I nodded. I did like watching, I wanted to see her come, I wanted to make her come. She was so beautiful, I was in awe.

We talked for a while, about the evening and my limits. Well, they talked and I squirmed.

‘Look you can see her pussy is glistening.’ She said. I was still in the default position of hugging my knees. My posture wasn’t to cover my body, it was more for comfort. He was still teasing me about the 10 inch strap on. I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I was picturing this beast in my mind. I looked at Miss C to give me a hint of something, but she was unwavering. I had this silly notion she might be on my side tonight, this was more challenging than I had expected.

I felt exhausted already, from withstanding the constant mind fuck and trying to keep it together. I felt silly and vulnerable. Naked and self-conscious. The only thing that was keeping me together was my dripping wet pussy. I could feel my body aching for it, even if I havent quite found my confidence to even say it yet.
‘At this rate they’re going to have to clean the chair.’ he quipped. Through all of my shyness I wanted it so bad. A hot couple have invited me to play with them, and here I was butt naked ready to play. I felt like the luckiest girl alive. But I still couldn’t summon the power to even speak let alone play.

‘One final point about Miss C and I, we are always dead serious when we play. No laughing, no smiling. We take it all very seriously.’ I clocked the smirk on Miss C’s face and giggled.

He was still fully clothed while Miss C and I were mostly naked. He instructed Miss C to put on the harness. He came in close and held my face.

‘Which colour, red or black? What’s up? Have you lost your voice again little rabbit?’

‘I don’t know what I’m choosing.’ I whispered.

‘Ahhh, I see.’ he chuckled.

‘She makes a good point she hasn’t seen them yet.’ Said Miss C as he moved to one side revealing she already attached the red one. The black one was the bigger of the two. Both looked like a modest size to me. I knew either would be difficult anywhere. But I was determined to try, I wanted to please them so much.

He stood me up and suddenly I was a helpless puppet.

‘Where do you think we should begin?’

‘Well what are the choices?’ She asked.

I was smiling shyly looking at the floor now more comfortable by the lighthearted nature of the training and secure in his grip.

‘Well you’ve got the mouth,’ With one hand around my neck he prised my jaw open poking his fingers in slightly. ‘And there are two others located on the lower half of the body…’ He then bent me over, I gripped onto his jeans trying to steady myself, breathing heavily. They were inspecting my other orifices. I was nothing but a fuck toy, an object for them to use. I couldn’t hear what they were saying much, but when fingers started parting and prying me open I couldn’t keep my composure.

‘Ooh she’s all squirmy.’ Miss C observed.

‘Yeah, it’s a new training toy, sometimes they do that. It’s nothing to worry about. So which one would you like to try first?’

‘I think I’ll go for the mouth.’

I was relieved to be stood up again in a less exposed position. He looked at me and asked if I was alright. I nodded. I was blissfully under and content in my place as their training toy.

Miss C was sitting on the bed, her cock between her thighs. He put me on my knees and manhandled my face for the demonstration.

‘So you see here is the mouth, if we open it you’ll see it contains teeth, be careful of those.’ I was smiling and happy for the focus to be away from my other orifices for a while. ‘And here is the tongue, show us your tongue, the mouth is a particularly interesting orifice because of the tongue. Now the mouth extends backwards,’ he started pushing two fingers into my mouth, ‘into the throat, oh this one goes quite deep, here you try.’

She leaned in close, her touch was so much more delicate. She stroked my lips and tongue. I looked at her face, her lips, I wanted to kiss them. I leaned in ever so slightly, but no, I mustn’t get carried away. She pushed her thumb into my mouth. I massaged it with my tongue, ‘Oh the tongue is moving.’ She sounded delighted with her toy.

‘Looks like this one has had some experience there.’
‘It feels nice.’ She said.

‘This is what makes the mouth a particularly good orifice.’

I closed my lips around her finger and gently sucked. She pushed her finger in further past the back of my tongue, I relaxed my gag reflex and let it sit there comfortably. ‘Gosh it does go really deep doesn’t it. She’s held it there for quite a long time.’

‘Not all fuck toys can do this, this one must have had some practice.’ He said. Inside I beamed with pride.

Satisfied my mouth had been explained thoroughly he moved on to Miss C’s waiting cock. He pushed my head towards it. I hesitated expecting instruction, when nothing was immediately said I placed my mouth round her cock.

‘She’s started sucking it already, I didn’t even have to do anything!’ Slowly, as my confidence grew, I started to gulp down her cock, sliding it in and out of my mouth, drawing it to the back of my throat, massaging it with my tongue. ’Wow she looks like she’s enjoying herself.’ She said.

He grabbed my hair and pushed my face forward so the tip hit the back of my throat. He obviously didn’t want me to enjoy myself too much yet.

‘See how you can use the hair to control the head.’ He pulled my face away and manoeuvred me. ‘Now, one of the best things about this position is eye contact. This one doesn’t seem to like eye contact, I think it’s a bit shy, but it is new. Are you going to look at Miss C while you suck her cock?’ He addressed me, I nodded. ‘Lick her cock up and down and look into her eyes.’

He knew I couldn’t look, he commented on my shame earlier, ‘Maybe it’s because she’s ashamed of us seeing? Or maybe if she looks us in the eye it means she’s not ashamed?’ He pretty much had it down, I hadn’t worked it out before, I just knew how deeply uncomfortable eye contact made me. If it was shame, I was happy with my shame, and even happier being made to challenge it.

I took a deep breath. I was determined not to let them down, I wanted them to like me. I already revered Miss C so much I wouldn’t do anything to displease her. I took her cock in my hand while she reclined on her elbows. I forced my eyes up and slowly focused on hers as I licked from the base to the tip, slowly. I took it in my mouth and looked her in the eye. She brought a hand to my face and stroked my skin.

‘Gosh she’s really loving this.’ She said.

‘It looks like this one likes to suck cock. Do you enjoy that?’ I didn’t answer, I just carried on, ‘Do you enjoy sucking Miss C’s cock?’ he pushed my face into her so my lips touched the hilt of the harness. I held it, I focused on relaxing my throat. It was hard and inflexible, he brought my head away and repeated. My tonsils were suffering, I knew they would be bruised, but I didn’t complain. I was there for training and wasn’t about to utter a word of displeasure over a little throat fucking, besides, I do love it.

‘Now, you can use the mouth in other positions as well.’ He yanked me to my feet and instructed Miss C to move off the bed. He sat me down on the cold wooden floor with my back up against the end of bed.

‘Of course when you’re sitting down you don’t have much control, but this position you can adopt more of a face fucking method.’ She moved into position and put her cock in my mouth moving it in and out. ’See how from this position there is limited space for the head so there is less resistance when you apply force.’ He explained, ‘This one seems to like it so don’t be afraid to push a bit harder.’ I gagged a couple of times, it was difficult not to with the hard plastic.

‘Wow she can really take this!’ Miss C sounded quite delighted as she held her cock in for longer before pulling it out leaving me gasping for breath. Tears were falling down my face from the effort, all I could think was that I loved the feeling of watering eyes from gagging cock.

‘She has a whore’s mouth. Good girls can’t suck cock like this, this requires practice. Only a whore would suck that much cock.’ She said.

She was right. I smiled and looked up at her as she wiped away my tears. I was proud of my whore’s mouth.

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