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Beau had been such a good little girl, quietly accepting all the selfish abuses I had inflicted on and in her body throughout the evening, into the night and through the following day. She was a little stroppy when I woke her with my cock, but she behaved well, sucking it and stroking it as I commanded. She had accepted me easily into her arse and I flooded it with cum to the point that her pretty little cunt was dripping wet, glistening in the light and slippery to the touch. She had kissed my erection and said ‘thank you’ to it. She deserved a treat, but her treat was going to be on my terms.

I lay by her side on the bed, running a vibrator over her clitoris and chewing her nipple. She was beginning to moan and tense her body and grind against my hand, and I suddenly realised that this was the first time in weeks that I’d given her any sort of pleasure without any restraints, cuffs, ropes, blindfolds, clamps, canes or paddles involved. This was our most vanilla moment, like a “normal” couple, and I’m sure you can guess that it doesn’t take long before I’ve had my fill of vanilla and I seek more exotic flavours.

I clicked the vibrator off and a look of disappointment flashed across Beau’s face. I removed myself from the bed and dressed myself; I had no intention of fucking her again. I had something else in mind for her, something that did not require my nakedness.

“I’ve wanted to do this to you since we met” I said, as I took the chair from the corner of the room and moved it in front of the wall-sized mirror doors of one of the wardrobes in my bedroom. I sat the chair down facing the mirror so that Beau could see herself when I put her in it, and so I could see in the reflection exactly what I was doing.

I took her by the hand and commanded her to sit in the chair. She did so, and I strapped her ankles into a spreader bar so she couldn’t close her legs. Next I tied her legs to the legs of the chair, further prohibiting her struggling, and I handcuffed her wrists together behind her back. She was fully restrained and ready.

I reached for the vibrator. Not a standard vibrator, but a mains-powered body massager with staggering and terrifying power. I flicked the switch on and, with no foreplay or preparation, pressed it hard into the groove of her pretty cunt.

She arched her back and exhaled immediately. Her toes curled and her hands clenched into fists. Her mouth gasped open and her head tilted back. I took a fistful of her soft hair and pulled it, increasing her discomfort, as she whimpered and whined incoherently under the power of the vibrator sending waves of pleasure deep into her glistening pussy. Her breathing was erratic, almost panicky, as I began to roll the head of the vibrator over and around her clitoris, digging deeply to find it.

She struggled beautifully, simultaneously trying to escape the vibrations and enjoy them more by moving her hips down onto them, her struggling both pathetic and admirable. I heard how wet she was becoming as the hard plastic of the vibrator began to slap quickly over the moisture that was drenching her pussy and thighs. I was breathless with arousal too, and I pulled her head back by her hair and ran my tongue up her neck savouring the saltiness of her sweat, itself the result of the effort it takes to be in this much ecstasy while fully bound.

Her legs were tensing so much that she had accidentally worked one of the knots around her leg loose, so I flicked the vibrator off to retie the silk rope, more securely this time. As soon as I hit the ‘off’ switch, Beau slumped forward breathing hard, as though I had been electrocuting her all this time, as though torturing her for information.

I noticed that she was avoiding her own gaze in the mirror right in front of her, so I reached for the blindfold, still sticky from the load I had splashed across her face while she was wearing it earlier in the day. I tied it round her head; I didn’t want her to be distracted by her own reflection, and I genuinely wanted her to relax so she could climax without worry or self-consciousness.

At the same time that I reached for the blindfold, I reached for the nipple clamps. Beau loves them and hates them in equal measure; they hurt her a great deal, but they intensify the pleasure of sex for her too, and they increase the intensity of her orgasm.

I didn’t tell her this at the time, but before I put them on her I adjusted them to make them less painful; I had bitten her nipple hard enough to make it bleed recently and I was still feeling guilty about it. I clamped the right nipple first and she gritted her teeth tight, then the left one, and as she moved in the chair trying to acclimatise to the pain, I noticed a damp patch on the cushion of the chair. For the first time since we met, I was confident that I was going to make her cum, and that it would be soon, and that it would be forced.

I reached for the vibrator and switched it on again, and noticed Beau’s body stiffen in anticipation. My teeth were gritted now too and I was breathing almost as heavily as she was purely from the amount of pleasure I was deriving from her body. My erection protruded obscenely from the inside of the loose trousers I was wearing, hanging heavily next to her face while I once again took a handful of her hair in my fist.

I guided the vibrator back between her legs and her wetness was obvious immediately from the sound. It was music to my ears, and so were her groans, now with a renewed energy and noise due to the sensations of the nipple clamps. I rolled the vibrator up and down over her clit, and her moans began to merge into a single, long, melodic aria of orgasmic ecstasy. I pressed the vibrator against her harder as she futilely tried to climb out of the chair, and her muscles began to convulse.

Her moans stopped for a second and she froze as her orgasm took hold, and suddenly her whole body arched forwards, her moans returned with intensity and surprise, her mouth hung open as though in terror and quick, short, pained little shouts forced their way out of her mouth. Her whole body rocked with each new orgasmic convulsion, and I watched tiny jets of cum squirt from her pussy and land on my wrist and hands.

Soon, I slowly removed the vibrator from her soaking pussy and flicked it off, and she shrank with a thump back into the chair still whimpering. I watched her for a few seconds, shivering, with a look of disbelief, or maybe surprise, but definitely contentment too. She sat with her head slowly cocked to the right, breathing peacefully, as though she didn’t have the strength left to lift her own head.

I slumped onto the bed behind her, myself amazed at the intensity of what had just happened, and licked her cum off my hand savouring its unusual sweetness and rich, thick texture. A flow of bliss suddenly coursed through me and I was unable to move. I’m really not exaggerating when I say that I felt like I had climaxed too, but without the ejaculation. I simply lay there, my chest heaving, replaying the last half hour in my head.

I was still rapaciously horny, but I didn’t want to ruin the exquisite memory of what had just happened with something as vulgar as sex, so I wrapped my arms around her shaking body and whispered into her ear.