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Speaking of good nights, I want one with you as soon as possible. I want you to turn up naked under your mack, apart from stockings and suspenders, plus whorish red lipstick and thick, heavy mascara that will stream down your cheeks while you’re choking on my erection.

I’ll pull you into the flat by your hair, strip of your bags and coat and press your face against the wall. I collar you and whisper the following words into your ear.

“Don’t say a word, slut. Don’t yelp, murmur or fucking whisper. If I hear anything coming out of your mouth that I haven’t given permission for, you’ll be gagged. I’ll push a ballgag in your mouth and wrap bondage tape around your head to keep it in place. Do you understand, you filthy little cunt?”

You’ll nod.

Then I kick your legs out from under you and you collapse in a heap, still with your hair in my fist. Your hands are cuffed behind your back, and you’re told to kneel with your face on the carpet and your arse up in the air. I stand on your face.

“Spread your arse”, I demand.You do so, nervously. It’s difficult with the cuffs. Once you’ve parted your cheeks, I push a butt plug into you roughly, with no preparation. I can tell you want to whimper and protest, but you know what happens if you do. I know it hurts, and I smile.

“Good little whore.”

I take hold of the chain between the handcuffs and pull them up towards the ceiling, putting pressure on your shoulders. Still pressing your face into the floor with my foot, I begin to spank you. No warm up, no warning. I can see in your face that you know I’m trying to make you yelp, and you’re trying hard not to give me that satisfaction. My cock strains in my trousers; I’m desperate to violate your mouth.

“Come with me, you pathetic little slut.”

I rip you to your feet by your hair and drag you to my bedroom. I throw you against the side of the bed so you’re sat on the floor, leaning with your back against the bed and propping yourself up with one hand. Before you can regain your composure I’m kneeling in front of you, holding you by the hair and by your throat, forcing my cock into your face. You’re off balance and at my mercy, and still trying as hard as you can not to gag or make a noise.

I’m merciless. I force my cock so far into your mouth that my balls press against your chain. I reel off insults with every violent thrust. Whore. Bitch. Slut. You. Filthy. Pathetic. Nasty. Little. Cunt.

Saliva drenches my cock and your face, tears well in your eyes and the mascara smears your cheeks. My erection shines red with your lipstick. I pull my cock out of your mouth and spit in your face. As the surprise and shock registers, I slap you, twice. I notice the sheen of wetness between your legs.

I grab your nipple between my thumb and forefinger, squeeze and twist hard. You shriek in pain.

I stop, and I reach for the ball gag and the bondage tape.

“I fucking warned you, slut.”