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I saw Beau’s car pull up from my kitchen window, and I noticed my palms were already a little sweaty. All week I had been planning and scheming for things to do to her, and I’d formulated simple lists of things to try. The good thing about sex checklists is the sense of organisation they afford; there are fewer flatspots when you have even a vague conceptualisation of the evening’s depravity. On the other hand, sex checklists build the anxiety, and I find I have to steel my resolve sometimes to stick to them.

What follows is the sex checklist I wrote for myself (in bold) and the details of what actually happened (unbolded). Beau is referred to simply as ‘Fucktoy’.

On Fucktoy’s arrival, drag Fucktoy into flat roughly by hair.

Beau arrived in a mac and stockings, as instructed. I opened the door and we looked at each other briefly. As soon as Beau’s lips began to crack into a smile, I took a fistful of her hair and pulled her through the door.

Press Fucktoy against wall, apply blindfold and collar.

I struggled to strip Beau of her bags and overcoat, but did not struggle blindfolding her and slipping the thick collar around her slender neck. I told her to put her hands on the wall in front of her, and I stepped back to look at her. Collared, blindfolded and naked but for stockings and heels, she looked beautiful. I delivered several hard smacks to her exposed backside. That was not in my checklist, but I can never resist the urge to hurt that perfect little bum.

Explain the rules.

I moved to Beau’s side and spoke quietly into her ear. “You get three strikes, slut. The third time you yelp, moan or make any kind of vocalisation, you’ll be gagged and raped. Do you understand?” Beau nodded. “Good. Now get on the fucking floor.”

I pulled Beau to the floor by her hair.

Punishment for 1st strike: nipple clamps. Punishment for 2nd strike: tighten nipple clamps. Punishment 3rd strike: ball gag and bondage tape.

This part of my checklist was not communicated to Beau; it was for my reference only. Beau has very sensitive nipples, so they’re my first destination when it comes to punishing her physically.

Handcuff Fucktoy

I positioned Beau so she was in a prayer position (the Child’s Pose, for yoga enthusiasts), with her face on the carpet and her hips up in the air. Then I handcuffed her hands behind her back.

Strap ankles into spreader bar

I strapped Beau’s ankles into the wider of my spreader bars. She suddenly looked so vulnerable. Very sexy. I stifled the urge to fuck her right there. It wasn’t on my list – not yet, at least.

Take butt plug, lubricate, insert into Fucktoy while standing on face

I told Beau to spread her buttocks, fully aware that it was impossible to do handcuffed. She gestured her frustration with her hands. I licked the buttplug to give it the least lubrication possible and quickly pushed it into her. She drew breath, but didn’t whimper. As I pushed the plug in, my finger brushed her pussy: she was so wet. I grinned.

Deliver sharp smacks to Fucktoy’s bottom

The wetness was the green light I needed to step things up again, and it came just in time since the next item on my agenda was a spanking. I pulled the chain between her handcuffs up towards the ceiling to put pressure on her shoulders, and rained open-handed smacks down on the bare flesh of her arse. Her mouth gasped a little with each smack, but still she resisted making a noise.

Command Fucktoy to lick from my toe to my neck and back down, without Fucktoy’s tongue ever leaving my body.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Beau planted her tongue on the big toe of my left foot, then dragged it all the way up my leg to my neck and down the other side, without ever breaking contact. It was very difficult for her, and that was by design.

Punishment for failure to complete task: nipple clamps. If already wearing nipple clamps, switch to coat hanger. If there is a failure, Fucktoy will repeat procedure until satisfactorily completed.

She did it first time.

Drag Fucktoy to bedroom by hair, throw Fucktoy on floor, and rape face.

A simple directive for myself, and one that gave me plenty of leeway to be creative. I dragged Beau to the bedroom, pushed her to the floor and straddled her face, plunging my erection into her mouth from every angle. She choked back the gags in an effort to avoid her punishment.

Tell her nasty things.

I kept it simple. Through gritted teeth I told her she was a whore who loved to suck cock. I told her she was a filthy little slut. I told her she was my Fucktoy.

Rub erection all over Fucktoy’s face.

A strange note, this one, but I didn’t want to forget this. I wanted her to taste me, to smell me, to feel dirty. There’s very little more degrading than having a cock wiped all over your face.

Ensure Fucktoy’s discomfort throughout facial rape.

The handcuffs I had put on Beau were clearly causing serious discomfort. She would wince when I manhandled her and I could tell she was on the verge of squealing several times. I dragged her around my flat; watching her totter around in the spreader bar with her hands behind her back and her face already sticky was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.

Drag Fucktoy back to bed for first penetrative sex of the evening.

I threw Beau on her back onto the mattress, and she yelped as she landed on the painful cuffs. I immediately grinned. I loosened the cuffs a little, and then applied nipple clamps to Beau’s breasts. That was her first strike.

Repeatedly have Fucktoy clean Fucktoy’s cunt off my erection with Fucktoy’s mouth.

I used the spreader bar to manoeuvre Beau’s legs, and slowly pushed my erection deep into her. She quietened as I began to fuck her, and already I felt close to orgasm. I told her I wanted to cum on her face, and I smacked her arse. I was really getting into my stride as I enjoyed the sensations of Beau’s cunt closing tightly around my erection. I fucked her roughly for some considerable time.

Occasionally I would stop and reach for the paddle. Her backside was already a glowing testament to my sadism, with welts and handprints burning angrily on her flesh. I began to paddle her and she squealed again. I sat her upright and tightened her nipple clamps so they were painful, and then continued to fuck her, alternating between her mouth and her pussy.

When close to climax, drag Fucktoy to front room. Tie Fucktoy to door, facing door

I knew I was close to orgasm, but I wanted to prolong the evening, so I moved Beau awkwardly and uncomfortably to the front room, in which I have wrist restraints over the door. I strapped her into them with her face against the wood, gave her some solid smacks that weakened her knees and began to tease her body with the powerful new wand vibrator I procured.

At some point, I don’t remember when because I was so involved in what I was doing, Beau whimpered or yelped, and gave me the justification I needed to gag her, to punish her. The ball gag that I stuffed between her teeth was obviously too big for her mouth and it must have been very uncomfortable.

Prolonged spanking and wand torture – will hopefully be gagged by this point

She was indeed gagged. I was right on schedule.

Ensure orgasms are multiple

They were.

When Fucktoy is too weak to stand, hold by hips and penetrate

Beau’s legs were too shaky after her climaxes to fuck her against the door, so I removed the gag and fucked her mouth while she recovered enough to be moved back to the bedroom.

Use cunt until orgasm

The cum was already boiling within me after the intensity and horniness of the evening so far, so I didn’t have to fuck Beau for long before I knew I was going to orgasm. She was lying on her side, her hands still cuffed and her legs propped apart obscenely by the spreader bar, I was driving into her cunt harder and harder with every passing seconds.

Glaze Fucktoy’s face with sperm.

This didn’t happen. Instead, when I passed the point of no return, I ripped my erection out of her cunt and breathed insults while I stood over her and drenched her entire body with cum. “You fucking dirty little slut” I said, as I squirted streams of hot cum over her naked breasts, thighs, face and body.

Clean self. Fucktoy is not allowed to wash. Fucktoy will wear my cum for the rest of the weekend.

Beau had been in an uncomfortable position while I was coming over her, and I told her to remain in that position until the cum had dried on her skin. It smelled strongly and there was so much of it; I was thrilled at how disgusted she was.