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I have been too lenient with my little Fucktoy. I have let the discipline slip. I intend to reassert my authority.

Please find below Fucktoy’s instructions for Saturday evening. Note: any deviation from these rules will result in savage punishment.

If Fucktoy has any issues with the following information, those issues must be raised immediately. Otherwise I will assume there are no issues.

Fucktoy’s Expected Attire

A dress, with a flared skirt that can easily be lifted over the hips, and which doesn’t matter if it suffers some sex stains.
Stockings, including a suspender belt if one is available.
Makeup, to include whore-red lipstick and heavy, non-waterproof mascara.
No underwear. At all.
Hair will be worn down, and scruffy. Not straightened.
No necklaces.

Fucktoy’s Expected Behavior

Fucktoy will follow every command she is given.
Even if a command contradicts a previous command and she’s aware that she will be punished for complying, Fucktoy must comply.
Non-compliance with any rule will be met with severe discipline.
Fucktoy will not speak unless given express permission to do so by me. For every word uttered without permission, Fucktoy will receive two fierce paddle strikes.
If Fucktoy wishes to speak at any point, she will raise her hand and await permission to speak.
The night will be long. Food will be prepared and available, but it is recommended that she eats before arrival. Fucktoy will need her strength.
Fucktoy will live under the glass table in my front room. When I want to play with her, I will take her out. When I am finished with her, she will be put back.
There will be punishments for bad behaviour, and treats for good behaviour. She must accept her punishment with the same appreciation with which she accepts her treats.
Fucktoy will, like me, remain fully clothed throughout.
Fucktoy will not be referred to by name. Her name will variously be Fucktoy, cunt, whore and especially, Slut.


The timings below are strict and any deviation from them – whether they are caused by the Fucktoy or not – will result in her punishment. For every minute lost, an appropriate punishment will be issued.

8pm – Fucktoy will arrive. For every minute she is late, she will be beaten. On arrival, Fucktoy will not smile or talk. She will not make eye contact. She will immediately be collared and blindfolded. She will accept a drink and 2 paracetamol.
8pm – 8:10pm – Oral sex. Fucktoy’s mouth will be rapefucked immediately, to set the mood for the rest of the night.
8:10 – 8:30 – Fucktoy will be led to the balcony, where the rules and itinerary will be discussed. After this time, she will be silent.
8:30 – 9 – The first round of beatings. During this time, Fucktoy will be disciplined for any misdemeanours or lateness, or any infractions that I perceive to warrant punishment.
9-11 – When Fucktoy is wet enough after her beating, she will be raped and sodomised. I will orgasm on her face, and she will thank me. She will not be allowed to clean my filth off her face.
11-12:30 – Fucktoy will be allowed to recover on the balcony with a drink and a cigarette, and my cum still on her face. Food will be prepared and she will be handfed.
12:30-1 – Fucktoy will be put away until I am ready to use her again.
1-2:30am – Forced masturbation. Fucktoy will masturbate as she is beaten. She will not orgasm until she is told to do so. She will use her mouth to pleasure me as she is punished, so I can feel her pain in my cock. She will cry as she masturbates.
2:30-4am – After her orgasm, I will rape her again and climax inside her body. I will scrape my sperm from her cunt and feed it to her.
4am onwards – Sleep.