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Right guys, I am literally bashing this out – no not wanking, writing this quick post. The other might come later.

I just received a tweet about a podcast from Wholesome Addiction.

I have listened to the podcast and I would like to share it with you.

They talk about me! It’s hilarious! I have sat here grinning from ear to ear and laughing out loud because I am giving guys uncontrollable ragers!

Here is Sean O’Hara and co-hosts The Operator and Beef talking filth.

Wholesome Addiction: Cast 007

Seriously, listen to it. I’m going to give you the cheat, they start talking about erotic writing at 40:00 ish. These guys appear to spend 90% of their time hiding boners. I love it!

First, they chat about Liza, who blogs at Always Each Other, and is totally worthy of the praise they give her. I bloody love her post about Cocksucking and the other brilliant post they talk about in the podcast is about being a bisexual schoolgirl. Liza, can you please send me the link for ‘Explosive Queefs’? I feel I need to read this.

I quote: “I dare you not to be aroused by this.”

“This is hot, this is classy.”

And then there is me…

“She tweeted about part two of a story, Unfinished, so I clicked on it at work and started reading it. I think it’s about the third paragraph in…I had a little problem.’

Only a little problem??

This is the first time I have listened to anyone read anything I have written out loud, and oh my god, it sounded sexy! Wow. Thank you for that, you gave me a lady boner reading my own stuff.

“I have got to quit reading this chicks stuff at work!”

My response was to have a workwank. That’s right, workwank is going global. Keep it up guys. Just wear a patterned shirt so the cum stain doesn’t show or mop it up with your tie.

Big Big thank you guys, this is brilliant!

Mia x